You watch the news, read the polls and you’ve probably already voted. But your work isn’t done. From now until election day, everyone on the progressive side needs to be dedicating every spare minute they have to protect everyone’s right to vote and to help bring progressive candidates and causes over the finish line.

Today’s appeal is for a few hours of your time on election day — before work, after work, or whenever you are free — to help prevent overzealous right-wing activitsts, convinced that voter fraud exists, from denying the right to vote to fellow Ohioans.

You’ve no doubt heard about True the Vote, a right-leaning “research” effort aimed at challenging voter registrations in a number of states, including Ohio. As we have noted, many of True the Vote’s Ohio efforts have failed to remove voters from the rolls, but could still have a chilling effect, scaring the targets of their legally-worded notices away from polls on election day.

True the Vote has a sister organization called the Ohio Voter Integrity Project whose mission is to recruit and train an army of election day volunteers who will “ensure unbiased and lawful” elections by cracking down on perceived voter fraud. They are reported to be recruiting hundreds of poll workers, observers and poll monitors throughout Ohio, particularly in Hamilton County, and training them to only allow “legitimate” voters to cast ballots in the upcoming election.

What can you do?

The Ohio Fair Elections Network is recruiting election day poll monitors to ensure everyone’s right to vote. Anyone can be a poll monitor. You don’t have to be an attorney, you just need to attend a single one-hour training session and sign up for a shift on election day.

Poll monitors will be the eyes and ears on the ground ensuring that problems are quickly reported and dealt with on November 6. Training will explain what you need to look out for and how to be an effective poll monitor. Having a smart phone is not required, but access to the 866-OUR-VOTE election protection app will allow you to help voters look up their registration status and precinct locations. A local command center and legal hotline are also be available to report incidents.

Volunteers are needed in the following counties:

  • Cuyahoga
  • Franklin
  • Hamilton
  • Lucas
  • Mahoning
  • Montgomery
  • Summit

If you can work a few hours on Election Day and would like to help by becoming a trained poll monitor, sign up online or email Gena Shelton, Ohio Voice Election Program Coordinator at

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  • SlapFat

    So what exactly do these people plan to do from the TEA Party? Get in people’s faces at the polling sites and tell them they’re in the wrong place or something? I observed polling sites before and am really curious on what exactly they think they can do on election day.

  • Good question! Maybe Plunderbund has inflated the issue into something it isnt?

    Pretty interesting that Plunderbund encourages you to fight those dastardly poll monitors, by telling you to sign up as …. A POLL MONITOR.


  • Interesting? Hardly. There is a reason that BOE’s are staffed with a representative from each partisan group. I imagine that you would deem it fair that only conservative monitors be present.

    It’s clear from the actions of such groups as True the Vote what their real intention is. The billboards we saw were a precursor to intimidation at the polls. You plant doubt in the minds of voters then you challenge them at the polls. Some will just say the hell with it and leave. Mission accomplished. One less vote for Obama.

    You dare to speak of inflating an issue but fail to mention the very non-existence of the problems that these conservative groups are meant to fight? Really? I think you may have finally found bottom with your intellectual dishonesty.

    I’ll remind you that the biggest stories this year of “voter fraud” were courtesy of the GOP. Colin Small ring a bell? How about Nathan Sproul?

    Are these isolated incidents or part of a growing network (whether coordinated or not) of the Republican effort to suppress votes of those voting for their opponent?

    I’ll be in Franklin County keeping a watchful eye for any shenanigans by Mascari’s lot.

    It’s no wonder that True the Vote is freaking out over having REAL elections observers present. Makes it harder for them to run their plan.

  • metalhed

    The GOP has also “inflated” an “issue into something it isn’t.” It’s called voter fraud.

    Pretty interesting you can’t see THAT, Nick.


    Voter Fraud: The GOP’s modern day WMD

  • Do you have any evidence of people being intimidated at the polls?

    The more monitors, the better as far as I’m concerned. More power to you. Unlike you, I don’t see citizens monitoring the voting process as some conspiracy.

  • Funny. I need evidence of intimidation, but they don’t need evidence of voter fraud. LOL

  • Poll watching has been going on for years and has been open to all partisan groups. Poll watching does not equal intimidation. True the Vote has a right to be the as does any other group interested in fair elections. I fail to see what the big deal is.

  • pb_dirtgirl

    Actually evidence-gathering is what the poll monitors are there for. We do have suggestions of tea party groups that intend to challenge voters at polling places. If that doesn’t happen, great! If the poll monitors are extremely bored and it turns out they volunteered for nothing, it’s a win for everyone.

  • The True the Vote People are planning on demanding to see people’s ID in the parking lots of polling places, put up signs about citizenship checks, etc. The thing is that only representatives of the parties, the Board of Elections Personnel and the Voters can be in a polling place. A better alternative to this to join either of the main party’s observer efforts. An poll observer can be anywhere in the polling place, they can be in on any issues in the polling place, and then they report back to people will access to those who can change things. As well intentioned as 866-OUR-VOTE is (and they are VERY well intentioned) they are hamstrung by election law. I have been a voter protection attorney for going on 10 years now and I am sad to say these groups are not as powerful as the Democratic Promote the Vote/Voter Protection effort is and drain resources from us because people like the non-partisan aspect, and I salute them for it, just doesn’t work for internal polling place issues.

  • dman

    FYI Nick Mascari is a columnist for

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