From the daily archives: Tuesday, October 23, 2012

You watch the news, read the polls and you’ve probably already voted. But your work isn’t done. From now until election day, everyone on the progressive side needs to be dedicating every spare minute they have to protect everyone’s right to vote and to help bring progressive candidates and causes over the finish line.

Today’s appeal is for a few hours of your time on election day — before work, after work, or whenever you are free — to help prevent overzealous right-wing activitsts, convinced that voter fraud exists, from denying the right to vote to fellow Ohioans.

You’ve no […]

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We’ve had some good news in the past few days: the voter intimidation billboards that we first revealed here at Plunderbund, billboards installed across Ohio in predominantly African American communities, are coming down.

Last week the Plain Dealer told us that Cleveland Councilwoman Phyllis Cleveland, State Senator Nina Turner and other voting rights activists convinced Clear Channel to take down the billboards AND to donate 10 billboards to display a pro-voting message.  Cleveland City Council will pay for five more.

Today we got even more good news from Cincinnati.

According to a press release by Cincinnati City Councilman […]

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By now, we all know – or should know – that Gov. Kasich has endorsed a new tax! Yep. The four-year, 15 mill Cleveland school district levy on the November ballot. And the tax-hating guv did it despite adding his signature to madman anti-tax lobbyist Grover Norquist’s no-tax pledge. If ever there were a case of the blind leading the blind!

But Kasich’s remarkable about-face is not without history.

Back in June, he signed the law granting Cleveland wide berth in school reforms – the so-called Cleveland Plan for Transforming Schools. Of course, dramatic and substantive change is needed to […]

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I have to admit, I always wonder what waitresses at diners are thinking about when they stare into space while I’m trying to get more coffee. It turns out, they are silently holding back anger toward Republican politicians who abused the redistricting process.

Check out the new Voters First ad here:

If you’ve been following Plunderbund then you should be well aware of the redistricting offenses by Republicans: paying huge fees to unqualified Republican staffers, lying to reporters, hiding in a hotel room called “the bunker” to keep the process secret and changing the maps at […]

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Back in June, the Cleveland Plain Dealer‘s “PolitiFact” judged the Ohio Democratic Party’s charge that Kasich’s budget, which slashed funding for local governments and schools leading to higher levy request, “half true” because the Kasich Adminsitration claimed that local government employment has grown and “tax issues were at the lowest levels since 2003.”  But that was based on the number of requests filed in 2011, which would have been just a few months after State budget passed.  In fact, the people interviewed by the Plain Dealer warned that the Kasich Administration’s evidence was deceptive because it was based on […]

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