On Wednesday Plunderbund noted that the Columbus Dispatch has not endorsed a Democrat for president since 1916 and we predicted the Dispatch editorial board would endorse Mitt Romney. Very soon.  

Today they followed through as expected.

What I didn’t expect?  Romney’s campaign called my house hours later to tell me about the endorsement from the “Columbus Dispatch Newspaper”…


Targeting voters doesn’t seem to be the Romney Campaign’s strong suit. This call – like the many other calls, emails and mailers I’ve received this year from Republicans – was nearly deleted or thrown in the trash after a few seconds of chuckling at the waste of campaign funds spent delivering it.

But because it was related to the Dispatch, and because we’d so recently predicted the result, I thought I would save it and share.

One sad fact of life here in Central Ohio: we have limited (and highly conservative-leaning) media options. And nearly all of them are now owned by the Dispatch.

But this weekend left me thankful for two things:

1. The Dispatch’s endorsement of Romney is hidden behind their newly-implemented paywall. So anyone who has already viewed nine or more article on Dispatch.com this month won’t have to suffer through their BS Romney endorsement.

2. The rest of Ohio’s old school media has the opposite opinion.

Yesterday the Akron Beacon Journal and the Cleveland Plain Dealer both endorsed President Obama, lauding (among other things) his leadership that helped turn our nation back from the brink of economic collapse, saving America’s auto industry.

The PD says Obama “deserves a chance to finish the job”.

We agree.

  • JLM452

    I’ll bet Kevin O’Brien of the P.D. is having a s**tfit.

  • “Government intrusion into the economy”? What does that even mean?

  • The Dispatch is the crummiest major newspaper in Ohio. Enquirer wasn’t much better most of the time. Dayton Daily News was a better read than either one. But being away from Ohio now, why would anyone pay to read that crud? A firewall? Really? If I were going to pay to read some intelligent articles, I’d go with the New York Times or even the Los Angeles Times before I’d pay for the Dispatch. Maybe even the Hooterville Gazette.

    If you can’t find a single Democrat candidate since 1916 worthy of the presidency, that alone should tell you the paper isn’t worthy of anything but bird cage liner.

  • I wasn’t surprised the dispatch endorsed Romney either. They are a right wing newspaper, who endorsed John Kasich too. I used to watch 10tv news, because I love their anchors. But I refuse to watch them anymore because they are owned by the dispatch.im done with the lot of them!

  • Wow the Dispatch got all the GOP talking points in including the racist one that says “We gave the guy a chance so it is okay to vote him out of office” that comes from the ad the RNC is running on TV now.

    What’s missing as is missing from the GOP is acknowledgement that the GOP played a major part in putting the nation “in the grip of the worst economic recovery since the Great

  • westparkguy

    I sure hope so. That idiot needs to move down to the Dispatch because we are sure tired of him and his right wing crap writing up here in Cleveland.

  • xx

    Just like anything Republican, the dispatch “paywall” is nothing more than smoke and mirrors. Delete the cookies for the dispatch site and away you go.

  • DMoore

    Newpapers should not be endorsing candidates especially in one newpaper cities.

  • westparkguy

    I love getting mailing from the GOP with postage paid, return envelopes. I drop them in the mail empty.

  • DublinIrishBob

    The majority of us expected this endorsement, so it was no big deal. I am looking forward to The Dispatch’s endorsement of Josh Mandel in the next week or so. The paper is going to have to be creative to justify the lying sack of you know what as a U.S. Senator. Their job will be to disguise all of the crap and misdeeds of Mandel and not let their intense hatred of Sherrod Brown overpower the coming editorial.

  • You got a call hours later? Now, are you telling me the state’s paper is somehow coordinating with a campaign? Interesting.


    Oh well, they have good coverage of the Buckeyes.


    Dispatch hates Brown??? Does the Dispatch care about the auto industry?? Do they know that Mandel missed so many meeting as the State Treasurer???

    Thought the Plain Dealer was bad…..

  • I will be cancelling my Dispatch I am tired of their bias reporting. Maybe all Democrats need to cancel it has become a talking points rag.

  • Palli Holubar

    Targeting likely voters would lower the billing for this political work- every grifter PR republican fool is billing the superpacs and the Romney campaign as much as possible while they still can. Its the republican money laundering game.

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