On Wednesday Plunderbund noted that the Columbus Dispatch has not endorsed a Democrat for president since 1916 and we predicted the Dispatch editorial board would endorse Mitt Romney. Very soon.  

Today they followed through as expected.

What I didn’t expect?  Romney’s campaign called my house hours later to tell me about the endorsement from the “Columbus Dispatch Newspaper”…


Targeting voters doesn’t seem to be the Romney Campaign’s strong suit. This call – like the many other calls, emails and mailers I’ve received this year from Republicans – was nearly deleted or thrown in the trash after a few seconds of chuckling at the waste of campaign funds spent delivering it.

But because it was related to the Dispatch, and because we’d so recently predicted the result, I thought I would save it and share.

One sad fact of life here in Central Ohio: we have limited (and highly conservative-leaning) media options. And nearly all of them are now owned by the Dispatch.

But this weekend left me thankful for two things:

1. The Dispatch’s endorsement of Romney is hidden behind their newly-implemented paywall. So anyone who has already viewed nine or more article on Dispatch.com this month won’t have to suffer through their BS Romney endorsement.

2. The rest of Ohio’s old school media has the opposite opinion.

Yesterday the Akron Beacon Journal and the Cleveland Plain Dealer both endorsed President Obama, lauding (among other things) his leadership that helped turn our nation back from the brink of economic collapse, saving America’s auto industry.

The PD says Obama “deserves a chance to finish the job”.

We agree.