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  • Natasha

    I am sick of the Republican polemics about how terrible they believe this nation is. Republicans wrongly conflate patriotism with ultra-right wing extremism. Liberals too can be and are patriotic – George McGovern did his duty in the horrible skies over Europe during WW II and served a noble purpose in ending the Vietnam war.

    The diatribe that the world disrespects America by virtue of Obama’s foreign policy is more Republican meaningless nonsense. I daresay the America will suffer great losses in geo-political “face” if Romney is elected. Romney is a coward; proven by his stint as a high-school bully and draft-dodger during the Vietnam war. World leader know that a man who once shirked his duty of fighting for his country and amused himself terrorizing weaker people with the assistance of his sidekicks has no courage and will always back down when challenged.

    Mrs Romney is utterly wrong in her silly attempts to bestow courage on Mitt’s cowardice by comparing combat service in Vietnam to Mormon proselytizing in France. (Why aren’t Romney boys in uniform?)

    Nobody, including the leadership of our friends and enemies is buying that mantle of faux courage Romney seeks to bestow upon himself. The Republican notion that everything can be monetized is just plain stupid. There can be no price tag on American courage on a battlefield and Romney cannot understand that simple notion nor the effort we – liberals and conservatives, make to keep this country and its people great. If the GOP hates America so much; they should go someplace else. Courage and leadership under duress is a principle and policy foreign to Mitt.

  • DMoore

    Excellet. Romney is no more than a profiteer and an opportunist. The pitch man and image guy who will say anything that’s expedient to “close the deal.” Even his own party is confused about who he is. To him everything is either an efficiency or inefficiency. You’re either fit or unfit. His 47% moment says a lot about how he views America. It’s the only genuine moment of his camaign. And yes. the republican conflation of patriotism with extremism is the same kind of subversion that calls everyone in uniform a hero, done, of course, for political gain. But military people don’t see themselves as heros and know this actually diminishes true heroic behavior. They’re not buing it. Republicans holding their noses and voting won’t be enough. Obama will win this election handily.

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