In today’s world, politicians hire an array of consultants to advise on everything from what to say, how to say it and even how to smile. But every now and then, a politician unwittingly tells the truth and exposes the darkest side of politics.

After 16 years in the state legislature, Sen. Jeff Jacobson had such a moment during his farewell speech to his colleagues. Listen to what he had to say (at 76:25):

“Redistricting is the most fun anyone could ever have in politics without going to prison.”

Care to take a wild guess who Ohio’s Republicans have out publicly trying to defeat the common sense redistricting reforms in Issue 2?   Mr. Jacobson, of course!

For too long, Ohio has a encouraged a system where the party in power views rigging elections as “fun” and use of the “prison” reference shows that Sen. Jacobson knows our system is wrong — but not illegal.

Voters have a chance to fix that system by voting YES on Issue 2. If Issue 2 passes, the voters — not the politicians — will design the maps.

  • John w.

    Denying neighbors the right to nonpartisan, contiguous districts is a jolly good time, isn’t it?

  • Catherine

    “It wasn’t fun drawing the districts and moving them through the courts, but it was all worth it when the results of the 1972 election were counted. We won the majority in the House 58-41, an increase of 13 seats for the Democrats. That’s the power of the pencil.” Vern Riffe, former Speaker of the Ohio House, Whatever’s Fair: The Political Autobiography of the Ohio House Speaker Vern Riffe.

  • metalhed

    Yeah, it’s fun screwing the populace.

    Your farewell speech came 16 years too late.

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