In today’s world, politicians hire an array of consultants to advise on everything from what to say, how to say it and even how to smile. But every now and then, a politician unwittingly tells the truth and exposes the darkest side of politics.

After 16 years in the state legislature, Sen. Jeff Jacobson had such a moment during his farewell speech to his colleagues. Listen to what he had to say (at 76:25):

“Redistricting is the most fun anyone could ever have in politics without going to prison.”

Care to take a wild guess who Ohio’s Republicans have out publicly trying to defeat the common sense redistricting reforms in Issue 2?   Mr. Jacobson, of course!

For too long, Ohio has a encouraged a system where the party in power views rigging elections as “fun” and use of the “prison” reference shows that Sen. Jacobson knows our system is wrong — but not illegal.

Voters have a chance to fix that system by voting YES on Issue 2. If Issue 2 passes, the voters — not the politicians — will design the maps.