At last night’s debate Mitt Romney, as Republicans are apt to do, made a number of comments which showed his true colors regarding women – especially women in the workforce.  Eric, Dirtgirl and Lauren all covered the comments in different ways, I recommend reading them all.

Today, some creative Ohio women calling themselves the Binder Brigade protested Romney’s “binders full of women” comments  in their own way: by dressing up as binders and protesting in front of the Ohio Republican Party headquarters. (note: I especially like the Trapper Keeper costume!)

According to Tiffany, one of the Binder Brigade, “President Obama passed the Lily Ledbetter equal pay act. Mitt Romney leafed through a ‘binder full of women’.  It’s pretty clear which candidate has real solutions that inspire progress and which candidate can only inspire a Halloween costume.”



  • Wow….I always thought women were equal to men, but if this group of imbeciles represents women, I’d better rethink my plans to hire some. It wouldn’t be good to have a moron like this in any workplace. They’re protesting the fact that Romney used the word “binders” while he was hiring more women in positions of authority than any other governor in the United States……..but they’re cool with obama’s paying his female staffers 18% less than his male staffers for the same work, as long as he signs an act that forces others to change………hhhmmmm…..they certainly don’t make women look very smart.

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