Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald endorsed a YES vote on Issue 2 yesterday and said it is needed to end gridlock and stop policies that harm Ohio’s great cities.

“There is no good reason to have a congressional district that extends from Greater Cleveland all the way to Toledo. That district is an insult to people in both regions,’’ FitzGerald said. “Ohio cannot fully recover if its cities continue to be undermined and under-represented.’’

The newly drawn 9th congressional district, sometimes called “the snake along the lake,” has been the subject of national ridicule.

FitzGerald also took a shot at Statehouse politicians, accusing them of systematically siphoning money away from cities to pay for tax cuts for the wealthy and promote what he called “ridiculous gimmicks like privatizing the Ohio Turnpike.”

His comments came one day after Gov. John Kasich’s administration unveiled a consultant’s report showing that the 141-mile toll road could generate several billion dollars over decades if toll are permitted to rise at the rate of inflation.

FitzGerald noted that residents across northern Ohio have seen past toll increases cause excessive noise, traffic and safety problems when truck drivers and other motorists use secondary roads near residential neighborhoods to avoid the tolls.

“I hope voters across the state realize that one of Ohio’s true reformers supports a YES vote on Issue 2,” said Voters First spokeswoman Sandy Theis.

The ex-FBI agent burst onto the political scene in 2010 when he was elected Cuyahoga County’s first county executive — a post that allowed him to reform county government in the wake of a major corruption scandal.