From the daily archives: Wednesday, October 17, 2012

We can all relax a bit now that Secretary of State Jon Husted has given up his lonely quest to restrict early voting hours for the presidential election. After being rebuffed all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court, Husted and his partner Ohio Atty. Gen Mike DeWine have finally thrown in the towel and agreed to reinstate early voting on the final 3 days before the election. For a time, it would not have been outrageous to suppose that a fellow with his Republican-driven energy would take the case all the way to the International Court of Justice […]

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At last night’s debate Mitt Romney, as Republicans are apt to do, made a number of comments which showed his true colors regarding women – especially women in the workforce.  Eric, Dirtgirl and Lauren all covered the comments in different ways, I recommend reading them all.

Today, some creative Ohio women calling themselves the Binder Brigade protested Romney’s “binders full of women” comments  in their own way: by dressing up as binders and protesting in front of the Ohio Republican Party headquarters. (note: I especially like the Trapper Keeper costume!)

According to Tiffany, one of the Binder Brigade, “President […]

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Tactical Voting Guide

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One thing I heard in the Plunderbund debate chat last night were a few people who have already voted for (or decided to vote for) Jill Stein instead of Barack Obama. This is a terrible decision. Allow me to explain why.

First, I should preface my comments by saying that I’m sympathetic to people who prefer Stein to Obama. In fact, when I go to and take the quiz, the most recent time I have done so it suggested my preferred positions were more in line with Jill Stein’s positions. I still strongly aligned with Barack Obama, but Stein […]

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A comment on a recent media criticism post asked about this coming endorsement.  It got us thinking about the Dispatch and endorsements.

We don’t have any inside information about the Romney endorsement.  It’s just that some things — like the Big Ten underachieving in the Rose Bowl, the swallows returning to Springfield, or an M. Night Shyamalan movie having a “twist” – happen with such regularity that you begin to rely on them.

Any day now, the Columbus Dispatch will polish up its veneer of objectivity, clear its throat, and announce that the paper has, after deep thought, contemplation, […]

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Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald endorsed a YES vote on Issue 2 yesterday and said it is needed to end gridlock and stop policies that harm Ohio’s great cities.

“There is no good reason to have a congressional district that extends from Greater Cleveland all the way to Toledo. That district is an insult to people in both regions,’’ FitzGerald said. “Ohio cannot fully recover if its cities continue to be undermined and under-represented.’’

The newly drawn 9th congressional district, sometimes called “the snake along the lake,” has been the subject of national ridicule.

FitzGerald also took a shot at […]

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The speed with which Internet memes are created continues to amaze me.  As soon as the debate was over there was already a Tumblr site with images that were being shared all over Facebook relative to Mitt Romney’s “binders full of women” comments when discussing equal pay for equal work:

There are several things about this particular debate exchange that are going to haunt Romney.  We’ve already covered the troubling way in which Mitt frames the issue by saying “if you’re going to have women in the workforce that sometimes you need to be more flexible.” […]

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