After two wins in Federal Court, Republicans had appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court to allow Secretary of State to not include the final 3 days before the election as part of the early voting plan in Ohio.

The court gave a one sentence ruling without dissent:

On the heels of this decision, Secretary of state Jon Husted issued a new directive that outlined hours for voting on the Saturday, Sunday, and Monday before the election.

Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern on a conference call today is now calling on Jon Husted to correct information that has been previously sent to voters informing them that there is no voting the 3 days prior to the election.  He’s asking for the Secretary of State to remedy this immediately in light of the Supreme Court ruling.

This is a big win in the fight for access to voting.  It shouldn’t be this hard fought, but we do what we have to do to ensure everyone has as much access as possible.

  • Leonidas

    One small legal issue to clean up.

    There was some concern that Husted could order NO early voting on these three days. Glad we don’t have to have THAT debate.

    I suspect some will find Husted’s limited hours on these three days right before the election frustrating. While there is an argument that, at a minimum, regular business hours should be maintained, it is hard to say if the Obama campaign will find it worthwhile to continue to litigate over essentially a few hours. My guess is that they probably will declare victory and end this now.

    Bottom line: every legal argument raised by Husted was rejected. The idea that the Obama campaign was trying to disenfranchise military voters was exposed as a lie (we’re looking at you, Third Base!). Big victory for the Democrats.

  • stryx

    Imagine if we could have used some out of state courts to evaluate if Husted was committing voter fraud, living in Columbus and voting in Kettering.


    “Power concedes nothing without demand. It never has, it never will”

    Frederick Douglass. A Republican the Tea Party would call a RINO.

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