As we reported yesterday, the Ohio Turnpike Commission met this morning and released initial findings of the $3.4 Million KPMG study of “opportunities” for squeezing short-term, one-time money out of this state-owned asset.

During the presentation they confirmed that they are looking at two plans, just as we predicted yesterday, one to lease the Turnpike and one to turn over control of the Turnpike to ODOT.  Under both options, they confirmed that:

  • Tolls will go up
  • At least two Maintenance Facilities will close
  • The possible lease would last 45 to 55 years
Officials refused to estimate how much money they might be able to get by leasing the Turnpike or bonding against future revenue.

While Kasich and Turnpike officials promised Ohioans the study would look at all options, including not making any changes, it appears KPMG was tasked with specifically looking for ways to turn the Turnpike into an ATM for the Kasich administration’s personal use.

Raising tolls and decreasing maintenance may make sense to a foreign company trying to squeeze every penny out of their newly purchased road, but it’s bad news for Ohioans who live and work here and who rely on the Ohio Turnpike every day.

  • Spitfiremk1

    Why would anyone believe anything Kasich says when he talks
    about looking at all options? Kasich,
    like Romney, believes in out sourcing everything to increase HIS personal gains
    – they have no socially redeeming qualities whatsoever. They are profiteers pure and simple and they
    would sell their souls to the highest bidder.
    Their entire careers have been spent screwing everyone in their way, and
    they have no shame about anything they have done. They aught to have to wear a “Danger
    to YOUR Health” sign so that ignorant people don’t make the mistake of voting for them.

    Of course I could be wrong – what do you think?


    You get what you vote for….a Wall Street Republican.

  • xx

    John Job Killer Kasich is at it again.

  • DMoore

    Go for it, Johnny! If you think the SB5 smackdown was bad, just wait. Any phony claims of bipartisanship in the past will be eclipsed by a true bipartisan rage over this. And bring as many republican legislators as you can into this ditch so they can experience the drubbing first hand. Where’s the popcorn?

  • people were warned of what would happen if he got into office, well lo and behold he is carrying out his sinister plans making sure short term gain followed by long term pain. wish there was someway to reverse what he is doing to prevent selling off our turnpike. him and whoever put this into plan should be fired and barred from office for life.

  • Spitfiremk1

    It is not so much those who voted for Kasich that bothers
    me, it is the number who DIDN’T vote that gave it to the bum. We can still nip this bad idea if we get enough people in the legislature in Columbus with the backbone to stand up to Kasich, but then again, most of the GOP are jellyfish.

    Of course I could be wrong.

  • fedup

    And more Ohioans will be losing jobs

  • fedup

    Turnpike workers already work 12 hour shifts to keep roads clear in the winter. How will roads ever be clear if two maintenance buildings are closed???

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