From the daily archives: Monday, October 15, 2012

As we reported yesterday, the Ohio Turnpike Commission met this morning and released initial findings of the $3.4 Million KPMG study of “opportunities” for squeezing short-term, one-time money out of this state-owned asset.

During the presentation they confirmed that they are looking at two plans, just as we predicted yesterday, one to lease the Turnpike and one to turn over control of the Turnpike to ODOT.  Under both options, they confirmed that:

Tolls will go up At least two Maintenance Facilities will close The possible lease would last 45 to 55 years Officials refused to estimate how much money […]

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The Associated Press has finally asked the question we have been asking for quite some time:  where is the promised report on Noe-Coingate from the Ohio Inspector General?

The AP buries the lede on this.

The scandal isn’t just that Inspector General Meyer hasn’t issued a report even though his predecessor claimed that all of the work was completed in 2011.  The real story, as illustrated by the quote from Chris Redfern at the end of the article, is that the Inspector General continues to try to distract everyone by issuing reports on inconsequential stuff.

The AP should have […]

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