Really, what can we say about this picture (courtesy Cincinnati Enquirer)?  This was taken during Mitt Romney’s recent visit to Lebanon, Ohio.

We adore the sign – “The best pork is Conservative Pork.”

What could this mean?

Perhaps Conservative Pork is only from pigs which don’t eat feed made from subsidized corn?  According to Tufts University, the discount from feed subsidies enjoyed by large and industrial hog operations housing totaled almost $1 billion per year between 1997 and 2005.  Sorta makes the owner’s whole “we built this” narrative a little more complicated.

A friend who teaches British Literature said that the first thing that comes to her mind is George Orwell’s Animal Farm.  She explains that in Orwell’s book, the pigs lead a revolution to take over a farm.  However, the pigs soon abandon the revolutionary ideals.  “Orwell chose pigs to be the leaders for a reason,” she explains.  “Anyone who has spent time on a farm knows that pigs are very smart, but they are also very selfish.  So Conservative Pork would certainly be consistent with the motto adopted by the pigs in Orwell’s book that ‘All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.’”

Some other ideas:

You are not permitted to share Conservative Pork with a friend after church.  Ayn Rand certainly wouldn’t share her sandwich (She says, “Every form of happiness is private”).  And we are pretty sure you shouldn’t offer to share your pork sandwich with Jesus – he likely kept kosher.

Conservative Pork is certainly served on white bread.  (Too much or too easy?  As we look through the entire gallery of crowd photos on the Enquirer webpage, and then did a quick Google images search for pictures of the rally, we don’t see anything but white people.)

The message boards are open – so share your best idea on why the best pork is Conservative Pork.