Josh Mandel is almost guaranteed to lose his bid for Senate against Sherrod Brown this year. Last week’s NBC/Marist poll has Brown up 11 points.  Today’s PPP poll has Brown up 7 points, with Mandel’s favorability at 37% (vs 50% for Brown).

That same PPP poll threw in a few other questions, as they often do.  One asked: “In 2014, do you think you would you vote for Republican Josh Mandel or his Democratic opponent for State Treasurer?”

Results show Mandel losing by one point.  With 20% still undecided. To some random person who has yet to be named.

Not surprising.

Within weeks of taking office as Treasurer, Mandel started his campaign for Senate.  He then proceeded to skip important meetings again and again opting instead to travel the world attending fundraisers for his Senate campaign instead of focusing on the important work of the treasurer’s office.

No one really ever believed Mandel was interested in his job.  It was simply a stepping stone to something bigger for Josh.  So why should anyone really want to reelect him to a job he never really wanted in the first place?

It’s important to note that state campaigns can’t push money to federal campaigns, but Ohio law does allow the money to move back. So even if Mandel does decide to run again for Treasurer, any money he has left from the millions he raised for his losing Senate bid may be used for his 2014 Treasurer campaign.

But you have to wonder how the donors would feel about that.

So how much does Joshy have on hand in his State campaign account?  The one he’ll be using if he decides to run again for Treasurer?


Shows pretty clearly where Josh’s priorities stand.

I honestly have no idea who is planning to run for Treasurer in 2014 against Mandel.  But I will guarantee this: I have two hundred and twenty bucks to donate to the guy or gal who is planning to run against him.

And it will be the best money I’ve ever spent.