From the daily archives: Sunday, October 14, 2012

When the Ohio Turnpike Commission meets tomorrow they will be announcing results from the $3.5 Million Turnpike study conducted by KPMG.   We fully expect this will include plans to lease the turnpike to foreign investors or to turn over control of the Turnpike to ODOT so that they can issue bonds against future revenue.

An email sent Friday by Rick Hodges, executive director of the Ohio Turnpike, asked employees NOT to attend the meeting and to instead watch the KPMG presentation streamed live at a web address that does not appear to be valid.  The email (shown below) claims employees should […]

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Really, what can we say about this picture (courtesy Cincinnati Enquirer)?  This was taken during Mitt Romney’s recent visit to Lebanon, Ohio.

We adore the sign – “The best pork is Conservative Pork.”

What could this mean?

Perhaps Conservative Pork is only from pigs which don’t eat feed made from subsidized corn?  According to Tufts University, the discount from feed subsidies enjoyed by large and industrial hog operations housing totaled almost $1 billion per year between 1997 and 2005.  Sorta makes the owner’s whole “we built this” narrative a little more complicated.

A friend who teaches […]

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Josh Mandel is almost guaranteed to lose his bid for Senate against Sherrod Brown this year. Last week’s NBC/Marist poll has Brown up 11 points.  Today’s PPP poll has Brown up 7 points, with Mandel’s favorability at 37% (vs 50% for Brown).

That same PPP poll threw in a few other questions, as they often do.  One asked: “In 2014, do you think you would you vote for Republican Josh Mandel or his Democratic opponent for State Treasurer?”

Results show Mandel losing by one point.  With 20% still undecided. To some random person who has yet to be named.

Not surprising.


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