On Wednesday, we told you about the story of a guy from Creston, Ohio calling a local labor organization and leaving a very disgusting and racist voicemail.  If you have the stomach for it and don’t mind getting spitting mad, go ahead and take a listen:


In his post, Joseph said he expected it would only get worse.  He was right.

Now we have a guy showing up to a rally in Lancaster, Ohio wearing a shirt that makes a not so subtle racist reference: “Put The White Back In The White House”.

This is nothing new, of course.  The 2008 election saw some of the most blatant racism in modern American elections.  But now we are seeing dog whistles turn into anthems and subtle hints turn into plainly stated tee shirts.  The modern Republican party isn’t even pretending anymore.  Their racism is out in the open.  The party faithful and grassroots can’t even hide it anymore and nobody in the party seems willing to step up and put a stop to it.

You may also remember an incident during the Republican National Convention where an African American woman operating a camera for CNN had peanuts thrown at her as the throwers said “this is how we feed animals”. The incident caused me to write a post that argued the GOP talking point “We Built It” applies more to the inherent racism in the Republican Party.  It indeed appears that the only thing Republicans have built is an inherently racist political party.  Some 2% of delegates to their convention were black, while the delegates at the Democratic Convention numbered some 26%.  Racism surely isn’t just confined solely to one party, but the odds of running into a racist go up exponentially when traveling from a Democratic rally to a Republican one.  It was that way before a guy named Barack Obama ran for President, but he brought it out of hiding and into the open.

Republicans are in a bit of a pickle here.  They can’t openly acknowledge the racism among them.  They also can’t openly oppose it given the great many who make up their base.  It’s a complicated game of political chicken and it seems, for now, Republicans are willing to put up with the racist bastards to get the votes needed to gain power.

That’s why you see party leaders in Ohio like Doug Priesse (Franklin County GOP Chairman) openly owning up to the underlying racism in Republican efforts to suppress Democratic voter turnout.  Like Romney and his 47% comments, Priesse thought he was off the record!  It’s as if Priesse slipped up and let us into the back room where the good old boys swig Scotch and tell their racist jokes.  A little bit of raw truth in a season of carefully spun political stagecraft.

That’s where we’re at folks.  It’s finally here.  The White American Freakout Moment.  The Aryans are awakening to the possibility of having a black man be President of their White America for another four years and they are losing their shit.

Put me down on the side of it only getting worse.  The freakout will continue until the white guy is President.