On Thursday, after the first Presidential debate between Mitt Romney and President Obama, a 36 year old man from Creston, Ohio (whose name I will not share) left a message on the voice mailbox of a local labor organization.

If you thought the 2008 campaign was awash in over-the-top racist BS, you haven’t heard anything yet.  This year we’ve been barraged with example after example after example after racist example.  And I expect it will only get worse as Romney’s short bump in the polls quickly fades and racist white Americans across the country come to terms with the fact that a black American will still be president for the next four years.

I am SO very tempted to plaster the Internet with the name of the person who left this message.   But I’m biting my tongue for now.

Warning:  this message is amazingly offensive and contains a shit-load of racist profanity.  Do not click “play” if you are not prepared to be REALLY angry after listening to this audio clip.

Here’s a quick transcript of the audio clip for those who couldn’t /wouldn’t click on it:  “I’m just wondering if you guys saw Romney clean that nigger’s clock last night. I mean, holy fuck! did he just wipe his ass all over the place.  That nigger’s done and so are you motherfuckers.”

So just in case you needed another reason to vote this year, remember this: reelecting President Obama will ruin the day (and likely the decade) for the asshole who left this message.