In a new video from Senator Sherrod Brown’s campaign, National UAW President Bob King discusses the auto industry in Ohio, the industry rescue and the two candidates running for Senate.

“The rescue of the auto industry was tremendously important for Ohio,” said King. And those benefits extend to everyone in the community, not just the auto workers themselves.

Not surprisingly, his choice for Senate was clear.  Sherrod Brown is “an amazing leader” who has “always been there for working families”, said King. “He fights for us.”

His words for Mandel weren’t nearly as nice.    King specifically took issue with Mandel’s decision to call Sherrod Brown “un-American” for supporting the auto rescue during an interview with the Columbus Dispatch.  “It’s like out of a cartoon or something. I can’t believe that someone would really even think that.”

Sadie Weiner, Press Secretary for Friends of Sherrod Brown, agrees with President King.  “Sherrod is proud to have fought for the auto rescue and the 850,000 industry-related jobs it helped save or protect in Ohio,” said Weiner.  “And Josh Mandel cemented his reputation as a politician who can’t be trusted when he called Sherrod ‘un-American’ for his work to boost auto jobs in Ohio.”



  • DMoore

    Republicans are always first to use the patriot card. It’s their way of trying to curtail any rational thought or discussion of the issue at hand. Most people see right through it.

  • clairy

    I know where Clint Eastwood got he brainstorm to use an empty chair to belittle the President.

    He happened to be in the State of Ohio Treasurer’s plush office and noticed that it wasn’t ‘occupado’ by Mr. Mandel and thus the empty chair monologue was born.


    Mandel should know better. He is from Northeastern Ohio where the auto jobs are very important to this region. Why he sounded like a Tea Party minion is the question that should be posed.

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