From the daily archives: Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Has the time finally come for someone to shout from the roof  of the city’s tallest building,  “When it comes to accommodating large groups of voters, Jon Husted just doesn’t get it!”

Oh, I know it’s impolite to be so nasty to the Secretary of State.  But as we get closer to Election Day, he continues to make a costly farce of the whole business of voting, bounding off from one court to another in hopes of finding somebody besides Ohio Atty. Gen. Mike Dewine to agree with his official antics. It wouldn’t even make a good skit on Saturday […]

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In a new video from Senator Sherrod Brown’s campaign, National UAW President Bob King discusses the auto industry in Ohio, the industry rescue and the two candidates running for Senate.

“The rescue of the auto industry was tremendously important for Ohio,” said King. And those benefits extend to everyone in the community, not just the auto workers themselves.

Not surprisingly, his choice for Senate was clear.  Sherrod Brown is “an amazing leader” who has “always been there for working families”, said King. “He fights for us.”

His words for Mandel weren’t nearly as nice.    King specifically took issue with […]

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