During his primary this year, Ron Hood, Republican candidate for the Ohio House, participated in a Tea Party debate during which he complained about the unsustainable size of the state budget.  ”The nature of the legislator is to spend more money,” said Hood. “And they want to spend other people’s money, which is even worse.”

In the same debate Hood also claimed he believes in the principles of “smaller government”.  Hoping to appeal to voters in his district, which leans Republican, Hood is attempting to  portray himself as a fiscal conservative, but records obtained by Plunderbund reveal that Mr. Hood’s personal finances paint a very different picture.

According to records from the Pickaway County Court of Common Pleas, Ron Hood has been sued by Citibank, Discover Bank and American Express on at least five separate occasions for unpaid credit card bills totaling over $100,000.

In multiple cases Mr. Hood failed to properly respond to the court after being served with paperwork.  The lawsuits, filed in 2010 and 2011, resulted in rulings in favor of the banks with the court issuing judgement liens against Mr. Hood for the unpaid bills along with interest as recently as May 2012.

In the private sector, companies will often conduct background checks as a condition of employment to review the potential employee’s financial history.  Large unpaid debts are often a big red flag for employers who worry the employee may put the company at risk by being more likely to engage in fraud or more susceptible to bribery.  Candidates for Office in Ohio need only file a financial disclosure form with JLEC listing the named of their creditors, not the amount owed.  Hood’s most recent disclosure form does list the names of the banks who filed the lawsuits.

As we reported last week, Ron Hood previously served in the Ohio House where he sponsored anti-labor, anti-women and anti-LGBT legislation.  Hood has worked for the National Right to Work Committee since 2003.

We’ve been unable to contact Mr. Hood for comment. He appears to have no online presence for his campaign and his website, Ronhood.com, shows only an error page.

Hood is running against Democrat Jeremy VanMeter in Ohio’s 78th House District.