Today, Mitt Romney is set to give a foreign policy speech. The New York Times previews it, also noting that his foreign policy team (and his foreign policy) has been all over the map throughout the campaign. Some may recall in the famous “47%” video, Romney privately told supporters there was “just no way” to solve the Israeli-Palestinian situation and that he just hoped to “kick the ball down the field” and wait for someone else to solve it. Inspiring leadership.

This morning, the Obama campaign is pre-empting the Romney speech with a counter-attack of their own. It pulls together some of the bad headlines people may have forgotten from the few times Romney has dipped his toes into the waters of international diplomacy. Here is the ad set to air beginning today:

In the last Quinnipiac poll of Ohio voters, Obama led Romney on the question who could better handle foreign policy, 54-41.

UPDATE: It gets worse. A Romney spokesperson goes on CNN and completely fails to articulate or explain Romney’s foreign policy. And Soledad O’Brien plays the “there’s no way” remarks on Israel-Palestine. Watch:

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