From the daily archives: Monday, October 8, 2012

Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted issued a new, mind boggling directive on Thursday that adds even more confusion and potential slow-down to the process of handling absentee ballots.

According to newly-issued Directive 2012-48, Boards of Election wishing to notify a voter of mistakes on his/her absentee ballot can only do so “in writing by first class mail”.  “Notification may not be made via telephone, email, facsimile” or any other means.

This is a stark change from the policy under SOS Jennifer Brunner, who issued a directive in 2008 advising boards to “simultaneously use both email and first class mail” and […]

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During the third segment of the Columbus press conference in response to the State Auditor’s interim report, attorney Robert Trafford reiterates the Auditor’s lack of logic in his interpretation of truancy law and challenges Dispatch reporter Jennifer Smith Richards to read the Ohio Department of Education attendance reporting manual and to ask critical questions about the instructions given to school districts.

Some of Trafford’s key comments:

“Until today, no one ever knew that there was any question but that a student who met certain thresholds for non-attendance could be withdrawn.  This is the first time to our knowledge that any state official […]

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During his primary this year, Ron Hood, Republican candidate for the Ohio House, participated in a Tea Party debate during which he complained about the unsustainable size of the state budget.  ”The nature of the legislator is to spend more money,” said Hood. “And they want to spend other people’s money, which is even worse.”

In the same debate Hood also claimed he believes in the principles of “smaller government”.  Hoping to appeal to voters in his district, which leans Republican, Hood is attempting to  portray himself as a fiscal conservative, but records obtained by Plunderbund reveal that Mr. Hood’s personal finances paint […]

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Today, Mitt Romney is set to give a foreign policy speech. The New York Times previews it, also noting that his foreign policy team (and his foreign policy) has been all over the map throughout the campaign. Some may recall in the famous “47%” video, Romney privately told supporters there was “just no way” to solve the Israeli-Palestinian situation and that he just hoped to “kick the ball down the field” and wait for someone else to solve it. Inspiring leadership.

This morning, the Obama campaign is pre-empting the Romney speech with a counter-attack of their […]

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