Last week, State Auditor Dave Yost released an “interim” report on his investigation into attendance reporting practices across the state, and it took less than a day for the attorney representing the Columbus Board of Education to respond at length with a list of corrections that the Auditor should take into account.  In that press conference, the Columbus attorney directed strong rebukes directly to the Columbus Dispatch reporters who have been jumping to conclusions about the data they are grossly misinterpreting in the series of articles they rehash weekly.

In a press conference last week only one day after being blindsided by the Auditor’s interim report, lawyer Robert Trafford offered an informed response that called into question multiple “findings” by the State Auditor who elected to release the report without first discussing any of the allegations with representatives in the major districts involved.  In the first video segment of Trafford’s part in the press conference, he articulates the initial flaws in the Auditor’s claims of improper reporting, explaining that Yost’s interpretation of the law sets attempts to set legal precedent while ignoring simple rules of both the English language and the proper format of standard legal text.


In the second segment of the press conference [below], the district’s attorney explains more about the Auditor’s flawed understanding of truancy, seemingly debates with an unidentified male reporter trying to tell his own story, explains how student mobility in a large urban district wreaks havoc on record-keeping, and repeating states how the district is unable to respond to the specific claims in the report because the Auditor isn’t communicating any of the findings back to the district to allow them to clarify mistakes made through the many apparent misinterpretations.  At the end of this clip, Trafford even explains why it is so important to “scrub” large data sets, an especially important practice for a large school district to engage in and one that Auditor Yost undoubtedly has engaged in during his tenure as an auditor.

We’ll post the final two segments of this press conference tomorrow where you can watch as Trafford calls out the Columbus Dispatch for their embarrassing misunderstanding of the data they have used to craft their attacks on the school district.

  • Don Hollister

    I like to be able to read transcripts or a summary instead of watching videos. Much faster.

  • danngoingdown

    shocking that the columbus school district’s hired gun is protecting his client.

    dispatch blew up the district again today, too. good article.

  • gregmild

    Agreed. I would have also preferred a transcript.

  • gregmild

    LMAO. As he reiterated the points that other districts, including Toledo, and other newspapers around the state have made since this investigation began. He also reiterated the points that we have made regarding the correct reading of the laws and state attendance guidelines.

    The Dispatch stands alone as they continually to defame the school district and embarrass themselves with their yellow journalism. Although since the paper can only meet their delivery timelines 3 out of 7 days a week, fewer and fewer people are reading their drivel.

  • Shocking how the Dispatch is Yost’s mouth piece and has never given the districts a fair shot at responding

  • Orion89

    I’d be curious to know how much their revenue dropped since they began attacking public servants. I cancelled my subscription almost 2 years ago. One of the best decisions I ever made. If I read anything out of The Dispatch, it comes to me free.

  • Think.

    Oh… I get it now- this “scandal” is all tied to helping the charter school effort in Ohio:
    Correct numbers may fuel vouchers on Page A1 of Monday, October 08, 2012 issue of The Columbus Dispatch

  • Think.
  • Natasha

    Mr. Trafford has ferreted out – in a few short days, what Delaware County knows about Dave Yost. Mr. Yost is only a creature of politics with only political ambition. Yost’s eye is only on the next office “up” in his view and he relentlessly pursues a target to victimize with the legal system to engender publicity for himself to assist his political campaigning.

    Mr. Yost is notorious for “over-indicting” and “under prosecuting” as well as possessing legal skills that are mostly incompetent and surrounding himself with “yes-men” of similarly dubious skills. His use of the prosecutor’s office to punish political enemies and to rig “pay-to-play” schemes in Delaware County is well known, there. Likewise, he never prosecuted a family member or political associate’s family member regardless of the offense.

    The real question for Yost is; which office does he want? State AG or Governor? The Dispatch is in and the public schools are out since the big checks come from Charter School kingpins (Mr. Brennan of White Hat) who benefit most (like how the Dispatch reported today) from Yost’s malicious antics against public schools.

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