From the daily archives: Friday, October 5, 2012

Moments ago the court of appeals affirmed the District Court’s ruling in favor of the Obama campaign and against Secretary of State John Husted.  The full text of the decision has been published by Ohio Capitol  Blog here.

This courts decision upheld the lower court’s ruling that Ohioans should be able to vote on the three days immediately prior to the election. The Ohio legislature had attempted to remove these three days of early voting for most Ohioans other than members of the military and immediate family who might be deployed between the Friday and Monday before the election.


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For the past two days I’ve watched President Obama get pummeled by pundits for his performance during the first Presidential debate.   There was a lack of enthusiasm, they say.  And let’s not forget about his failure to respond appropriately to Romney’s changes of position and out-right lies about  his previously promoted plans.

I suppose that’s one way of looking at the debate.

But I see it differently.  This was a debate about domestic issues where the economy and, more importantly, jobs took center stage.  And as I read through the transcript of the debate again I find one thing missing: any substantive discussion about […]

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