From the daily archives: Wednesday, October 3, 2012

As you may have heard, the Cleveland Indians fired  their manager, Manny Acta ,  just before the end of another dismal season.  The dismissal was hardly newsworthy in a town where baseball managers and Browns football coaches come and go  as often as the junk mail in your mailbox.   It’s so Cleveland.  (Please don’t hate me for noting that the Indians haven’t won a World Series since 1948; the NFL Browns, never.)

Losing is in the city’s genes, or as former  Democratic county commissioner and unsuccessful gubernatorial candidate Tim Hagan once lamented the night  that his favorite mayoral candidate was […]

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It looks like perennial Republican candidate Ron Hood is back again, and this time he’s running against Democrat Jeremy VanMeter in Ohio’s 78th House District.

Hood’s political career in Ohio is interesting, to say the least.  He’s had a few wins and, most recently, a long series of losses.  And his time in office – in multiple districts around the state – was punctuated by moments of extremism that would make only Rick Santorum and the most extreme anti-labor advocates proud.

Most recently (since 2006), Hood has run for State Senate and twice for congress, losing in the primary all three […]

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That didn’t take long.

We had always though Stan Heffner got a sweet deal when the Inspector General did not refer his case to the prosecutor, and then later when prosecutor declined to prosecute his case.

Yesterday we received confirmation we were right.

The office of the Inspector General yesterday issued a report citing misconduct by a Department of Administrative Services employee at a state prison.  The report concluded that the employee violated prison rules in a number of ways, including by accepting cell phone calls from prisoners, making calls to prisoners while on state time, and sending emails to […]

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