State Auditor Dave Yost’s objectivity and integrity surrounding a statewide investigation into school attendance reporting can officially be called into question (if his biased recruiting video hadn’t already knocked you off of the fence).

The Auditor is scheduled to appear as a featured guest at the Columbus Metropolitan Club’s October 10 lunch alongside Columbus Dispatch editor Ben Marrison, he of the unabashedly slanted opinions about the Columbus School District’s attendance investigation — a probe that is ongoing and in which no official, illegal findings have been confirmed by anyone, including the State Auditor.  In fact, the Dispatch has yet to identify any single statute that has been violated by either Columbus or any school district throughout the state since this investigation began.  But unlike the various research perspectives offered here on Plunderbund, the Dispatch keeps hammering away at the tired allegations they have cooked up based on their supposition that anything they are unable to explain away by virtue of conducting a newsroom brainstorming session must be an inappropriate act in violation of all that they hold dear and any branded violators must be publicly and routinely castigated until all who read their drivel are convinced that the parties involved are unquestionably guilty.

And now State Auditor Dave Yost, the man at the head of this in-process investigation is slated to jointly appear with the leader of this central Ohio tabloid that has yet to demonstrate any inkling of research journalism on this topic, effectively eliminating any remaining shred of credibility that may have remained.

So, buy your tickets for the October 10 groupthink session today: