One of John Kasich’s very first cabinet appointments was Mark Kvamme, a venture capitalist from California, appointed to lead the Department of Development.  He was soon replaced by Jim Leftwich when his appointment was challenged for being unconstitutional.

Kvamme moved to Kasich’s staff and quickly began developing what would become known as JobsOhio: a private development organization that would replace the Department of Development.  JobsOhio would be funded with state money but would not have any of the transparency or accountability requirements of a state agency.   Kvamme was eventually appointed to lead JobsOhio and, since taking over, has been fighting to get that state money in the form of liquor revenue, which he planned to bond out to pay the state a fee and keep the rest for operating JobsOhio.

Again, the constitutionality of JobsOhio’s funding plan was challenged by ProgressOhio.   As we pointed out yesterday, as long as the constitutional goes unresolved, the bond market would be unwilling to buy the liquor bonds, and the whole complicated plan would fall apart.

Kasich and Kvamme tried a number of different legal maneuvers to get the money flowing, and resolve the constitutional issues, but they were dealt a serious blow last week when the Supreme Court refused to hear their case intended to speed up the process.

We wondered out loud what Kasich might possibly do next, but I don’t any of us guessed this:  Mark Kvamme, the guy who came up with the brilliant idea for a private development organization funded with state money,  just announced he’s leaving JobsOhio to start his own venture capital firm.

This can not be good news for what the Dispatch called the “centerpiece of the administration of Gov. John Kasich”.


UPDATE:  Joe Vardon from the Dispatch reports that John Minor, a managing director already with JobsOhio, will replace Kvamme.  Not surprisingly, JobsOhio isn’t revealing any information about the process it used to make this choice.  According to Vardon: “It’s unclear when Kvamme notified JobsOhio’s board of his plans, when the board conducted the ‘extensive executive search’ it cited in the news release, or when the board decided on Minor.”

  • Cowtown Girl

    I wonder what this means foe his girlfriend, for whom he moved to Ohio? And who works as an attorney specializing in privatization of government income streams from sources like turnpike and state liquor agencies? Wonder if the state is still paying her despite the fact that both the sale of the turnpike and the transfer of liquor revenues are now DOA?

  • Supposedly they are starting a business together.

  • “We will not decide constitutional claims raised by parties who seek an advisory declaratory judgment for which they have adequate remedies in
    the ordinary course of law,” the majority wrote.

    And then Kvamme hit the silk.

  • John W.

    These slimy rats contribute nothing to good government, unlike social workers and cops, who bust their butts everyday to make something of this country.

  • Of course. We’ve posted about it. Married with kid on the way.

  • Modern Esquire

    I believe the Dispatch reported they are now married, too.

  • Modern Esquire

    “A source told The Dispatch over the weekend that Kvamme and his new wife, the former Megan Browning, planned to start a business together and that Kvamme would soon leave JobsOhio.”

    Megan Browning is not a lawyer, but the idiots comment is pretty strong since the rest of the comment was correct.

  • Mike Evans

    The update to this story seems to indicate that Jim Boland will replace Kvamme (in the first sentence), but later references (John) Minor as his replacement. I believe the update needs updated.
    Also, Kvamme and his wife may have already started their company, called Perfect87 (presumably named after the road in Delaware County that they bought a farm on last year), with offices downtown on E. State St. Their LLC filing indicates it’s for “Miscellaneous/Business”, but is likely primarily for consulting and/or lobbying.

  • Thanks Mike. We just fixed the mistake.

    We’re aware of this business. On our radar.

  • I have a great idea. He can now PROPERLY FUND the public schools of Ohio. If he properly fund the schools we then could have a good student teacher ratio that would be beneficial for all students, high, low and those in the middle. This would create at least 100-200 jobs in just Akron alone and just as much plus or minus a few depending on the school district. Thus it would bring in at least 1 to 2000 jobs all across Ohio. Then with a better educated group of youth we can be more inviting to other companies to come into Ohio.I am talking about companies that are worth while having that provide good wages unlike places such as WAL-MART and Bob Evans. Plus more middle class teachers means more money spent which means more jobs to produce what is bought. As we know the middle class spend money in the areas that really support new and more jobs unlike the upper 1%. But of course Kasick could not support something that would actually be beneficial to the masses and not the few. .

  • Dmoore

    I’m sure Kvamme just got tired of working for a $1 a year salary. C’mon. Did Johnny really think we were stupid enough to believe that. Well, now that I think about it, I’m sure he did. It fits with his chauvinist personality. Forever the carnival barker. This whole deal reaks of Kasich amateurism. I’m surprised Kvamme was dumb enough to be involved. Aren’t these venture capitalists supposed to be smart? And now that JobsOhio has pretty much failed, it will be everyone elses fault but Johnny’s. So, as it turns out, Kasich really hasn’t accomplished anything in two years other than give away state money to status quo comanies like Timken and Bob Evans. In fact, his three signature initiatives were duds: SB5, prison privatization, and JobsOhio. I can’t wait for the Turnpike privitization smack down.

  • missskeptic

    There is no road in DelCo called 87 – DelCo roads all have names (Horseshoe Rd, Sunbury Rd, Curve Rd, etc). Maybe it’s 87 acres.

  • And the award for creepiest comment of the month goes to: BIG BRENT.

  • Big Brent

    Thank you creepy Joe, for making my point. Leave the women, children and unborn out of this. How would you like this done to you? It is disgusting and demeaning to you.

  • I’m sorry Brent but what ARE you talking about?

    Kvamme’s new marriage was in the Dispatch and every other media outlet in the state. Kvamme spoke about it lovingly during multiple public appearances, calling Megan the love of his life. Oh – and it wasn’t even mentioned in this post!

    We have a very liberal policy regarding comments because we think open discussion about topics is an important part of blogging.

    Which is why we let you post your creepy “I went online and looked at pictures of your family” comment and why Modern and Cowtown girl can ask about something the Dispatch wrote about Kvamme.

    But you’re really pushing the limits.

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