After watching the video below you will no longer have to wonder how Josh Mandel is handling the stress of this year’s Senate campaign. The short answer: not well.

No one likes being following around by a guy with a video camera all day, especially when you’re already stressed out by the latest Dispatch poll showing you losing your race by 10 points (or the pending public records complaint filed by a blog).

But that’s still no excuse for a sitting office holder – or anyone for that matter – to behave the way Mandel does toward this tracker for American Bridge.


In case you didn’t recognize him, the reporter in the video is Joe Vardon.  Joe was there to interview Mandel for an article he was writing, but he was so distracted by Mandel’s actions in the elevator that a good one-third of his article ended up being about the confrontation with the Tracker.

Here’s Vardon’s take on the incident:

During his interview with The Dispatch, which included a brief walk from the treasurer’s office to a deli on Broad Street and back, Mandel was followed by a political tracker from the American Bridge 21st Century political-action committee, which is dedicated to making video recordings of Republican candidates.

The tracker followed Mandel into a public elevator in the Rhodes Tower, where Mandel’s treasurer’s office is located. Mandel approached the tracker, called him loudly by name, and at one point grabbed the monopod attached to the tracker’s camera.

The tracker said “please don’t,” and Mandel relented, asking the tracker “how you been” and said “good to see you.” He also asked the tracker if he knew a Dispatch reporter who was in the elevator.

After Mandel and the Dispatch reporter got off the elevator, an unidentified woman who was also on the elevator can be heard on the video remarking to the tracker that she saw Mandel come “right over there to block” the camera.