Hey all.  Need your help.  We’ve been contacted by a  group of award-winning volunteer filmmakers who are looking for people in Ohio to tell their story in 60 second television advertisements saying why they’re voting for Obama.

Ideal stories are typically from working class folks or small business owners who walk more toward the middle of the road or even to the right. Some of their best stories have come from registered Republicans who have decided Obama best represents them and their community’s needs.  You can check out www.localvoicesforamerica.net for some examples of their work.

They’re looking for great stories, great people, and great interviews in the following areas:

  • Allen County (Lima)
  • Marion County (Marion City)
  • Richland County (Mansfield)

Here are a couple ads the group did during the 2008 campaign featuring people from Ohio:

So if you are someone or know someone in these areas who you think fit the bill, please contact us so we can put you in touch with them.  (Use the tip/story idea option)

Thanks PlunderPals for helping us help them!

– PlunderCrew