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A Plunderbund Casting Call

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Hey all.  Need your help.  We’ve been contacted by a  group of award-winning volunteer filmmakers who are looking for people in Ohio to tell their story in 60 second television advertisements saying why they’re voting for Obama.

Ideal stories are typically from working class folks or small business owners who walk more toward the middle of the road or even to the right. Some of their best stories have come from registered Republicans who have decided Obama best represents them and their community’s needs.  You can check out for some examples of their work.

They’re looking for great stories, […]

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After watching the video below you will no longer have to wonder how Josh Mandel is handling the stress of this year’s Senate campaign. The short answer: not well.

No one likes being following around by a guy with a video camera all day, especially when you’re already stressed out by the latest Dispatch poll showing you losing your race by 10 points (or the pending public records complaint filed by a blog).

But that’s still no excuse for a sitting office holder – or anyone for that matter – to behave the way Mandel does toward this tracker […]

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McClatchy reported last week that Obama has hired twice the campaign staff for the same cost as Romney.  This doesn’t surprise me at all.

At Plunderbund, we’ve spent some time comparing the field operations of the Romney and Obama campaigns, and the differences are quite stark.  Obama has a large, volunteer-heavy operation that has been in place for years.  Romney has a very new group of people on the ground, a smaller number of field offices, and expensive, out-of-state field organizers who work limited shifts and expect higher pay and living expenses.

Sure, Obama has paid staff.  And Romney has some […]

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