Republicans would have you believe that Issue 2 (aka Voters First), the redistricting reform measure on the November ballot, is only being supported by Democrats.

Not true.

Joan W. Lawrence is a Republican from Delaware County.  She served as a Republican State Rep from 1983 to 2000.

Joan is supporting Issue 2 because: “the system is rigged to favor the party in power.”  “We’ve turned from a government of We the People”, says Ms. Lawrence, “to We the Politicians.”

Ohio Capital Blog’s Marc Kovac has the video from last week…

  • oldmomma

    Worked the phones for Sherrod Brown on Sat….that was 1 of the points we were asked to address when speaking w/voters….”do you understand what issue 2 is about”….and then give them an explanation as to why a yes vote is important….

  • SuLee

    I’ve seen TV commercials against Issue 2, but none for it. What gives?

  • JLM452

    Issue 2 addresses the Republican method of advancing their agenda-If you can’t win…cheat.

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