Back in May, Ohio Governor John Kasich made his first appearance with Mitt Romney.  Instead of supporting Romney’s message about the economy going to hell in a hand basket under President Obama’s leadership, Kasich did his Kasich thing and went off on a tangent about how Ohio had so many unfilled job opportunities that employers just couldn’t hire people fast enough.

You could literally see Mitt Romney cringe as the words were coming out of Kasich’s mouth (see video below).

Things have only gotten worse for Romney since.

While Mitt continues to drop in the polls, Kasich continues to blather on about Ohio’s economic successes under his tenure as Governor which, unfortunately for Mr. Romney, happens to coincide with the time President Obama has been in office.

Yesterday, CNN reported what we’ve been saying for months: Kasich is hurting Romney in Ohio by promoting Ohio’s supposed successes instead of sticking to the message of economic doom and gloom favored by the Romney camp:

At a recent campaign event in conservative Owensville [Ohio], a fiery Kasich boasted that “Ohio is rocking!” — moments before turning the microphone over to Paul Ryan, who proceeded to issue dire warnings about Obama’s economic policies.

Ohio’s conservatives are finally starting to take notice as well.  And they are none too happy with John Kasich.

The National Review interviewed Matt Mayer, a well-respected Ohio conservative, asking him: “Is the election over in Ohio?”

Mayer was unwilling to admit it’s a lost cause for Romney and Republicans – but he’s wasn’t shy about leveling blame on the people he thinks are responsible for current problems:

At the state level, the nasty and divisive internal Republican party fight over control of the Ohio Republican party between Governor John Kasich and Ohio Republican party executive director Kevin DeWine in the spring and summer squandered vital resources and delayed mobilization of election activities. Plus, as some GOP operatives have noted, Governor Kasich, with an eye on 2016, hasn’t put in much of an effort to help Romney and has promoted a message (“Ohio’s doing great!) that’s contrary to the Romney message and appears to be more beneficial to President Barack Obama.

Chris Littleton, another prominent Ohio Conservative, was no where near as nice.

Littleton blames the problems on the fact that “John Kasich and Mitt Romney aren’t on the same page”, continuing his piece by mounting a severe and relentless attack on Kasich’s policies, agenda and beliefs. “Kasich”, according to Littleton, “can’t support Romney’s message, because he doesn’t embrace Romney’s ideas” about taxes, “right to work” legislation and the current state of the economy.


Here’s the video of the first Kasich/Romney appearance back in May.   Is anyone really surprised things haven’t been getting better since?


  • Heh! One good asshat deserves another!

  • stryx

    yeah, that’s right republicans, keep telling yourselves that the reason Obama will win a second term is because Kasich is loudmouth jerk with his own agenda.

    No sense facing the fact that the American people have seen what you’re offering and they don’t want it.

    Good thing you gerrymandered the shit out of this state while you could. Fair elections in fair districts probably wouldn’t work out so well for you.

  • Retrofuturistic

    Tee hee. Ohio won’t vote Republican because Kasich has shown them what the Christian GOP is really like. It’s that simple. Just by being himself, Johnnie Boy Kasich has given Ohio to Obama.

  • westparkguy

    Even Kasich knew in May that Romney doing well in Ohio was unlikely. Even though Kasich was against the Obama Auto Bailout he knows it worked and how popular it is around the state. He also knows by adding public sector state jobs the unemployment rate drops. Kasich wants a second term and wants to keep the Ohio House and Senate to stay Republican no matter what.

    Even if Mittens was elected as president, Kasich knows that he is going to get ZERO help from him or the Feds. It everybody for himself under a Romney administration.

    I do agree that one of the the best thing that happened to the Ohio Dems was this whole Ohio GOP Party fight that got DeWine tossed out of the leadership.

  • Dmoore

    Johnny benefitted huge from Obama’s auto bailout and the beginning of the recovery. The only thing Johnny did was give away our money to well established corporations like Timken and Bob Evans. But when he starts on the privitization of the Turnpike he’s gonna get another beat down. As for Romney, he lost Ohio, and the election, when he brought frat boy Ryan on with his anti women’s rights agenda. The girls are gonna decide this election.

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  • SSmith

    I am a disinfranchised Republican voter, who believes that Kasich has angered so many Republican supporters in Ohio with his personal agendas and not listening to the desires of his constituents, that Ohio is lost. Consequently, so is the election for Romney.

  • Spitfiremk1

    Kasich is for Kasich, no one else. The only reason that he has anything to do with Romney is that it gives him another chance to display his ugly mug to the public. He is the freak show of the GOP and that is all he will ever be. When he gets the $4 million + report from his consultants he will proceed to dispose of the Turnpike and thus deprive the citizens of Northern Ohio of that valuable asset as Mitch the Knife did in Indiana. We jokingly pick on our neighbors in Michigan all the time, but the ones who were born in Pennsylvania should be our real targets of contempt. If we don’t restore equilibrium to the Ohio Legislature in November by electing enough Democrats to foil Kasich, the carnage will only be worse!

    Remember in November!!!!

  • Dmoore

    I don’t think he can pull this Turnpike boondoggle off. That Turnpike corridor spans the full political spectrum. Certainly the northeastern and eastern Ohio democrats will rise up, but don’t forget the many north central and northwestern republicans who rely on that roadway for commuting and destination travel. They’re gonna be pissed. Waiting until after the November election isn’t going to make a difference. A beatdown can happen at any moment as Johnny found out with SB5/Issue2. This is a fight his own party doesn’t even want. Should be interesting to see the circular firing squad in action.

  • Dmoore

    Kasich hasn’t done anything that would make a difference in Ohio’s economy. His JobsOhio is stuck in a ditch and he’s gotten no legislation through that would in any way affect business. He’s just lucky that the economy started to recover as he was taking office and, of course, the Obama auto baillout took effect. This guy is a big zero and his own party knows it. Wait until they get clobbered in November and see if Johnny is still crowing. He’s toxic.

  • All of these posts are a month ago. Romney will carry Ohio in 13 days. Just watch.

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