Today’s New York Times reports that Mitt Romney, in an attempt to repair the damage done by his “47 percent” comments, is running a new ad in key swing states in which he tries to relate to the unemployed and underpayed among us.

Interesting thing about the ad, according to the Times. It’s not running in Ohio:

On Wednesday, the Romney campaign reserved $3.4 million worth of advertising time in eight swing states. Nearly half of that — more than $1.5 million — was for Virginia. The rest was spread across Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina and Wisconsin. His total ad spending for the week is more than $10 million.

It could be meaningless — perhaps Mitt there is no airtime left to buy in Ohio. But the article doesn’t even suggest he will run the “compassionate Mitt” ad in the state. When the latest poll shows that  57% of Ohioans answer “no” to the question “Mitt Romney cares about the needs and problems of people like you”, compared to just 38% saying yes, it seems like addressing his compassion, or lack thereof, might be the right strategy to reach the working class here in Ohio.

Let us know if you see the ad.

Otherwise, we’re left to wonder, trailing by 10 points in the latest poll, if he’s given up on Ohio.

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  • Ramona Hauenstein

    If he’s given up on Ohio, it’s truly done. That means they don’t even think that they can steal the election in Ohio.

  • Dmoore

    Why not? He has run a pitiful campaign of such mixed messages and misinformation that he’s got everyone totally confused, proponents and opponents alike. Mitt never came to realize that he is no longer in the roll of “I’m the rich boss man and you believe what I say, even though it might be different tomorrow, or I’ll fire you. I can’t see how this guy ever got elected to public office to begin with.

  • Bob M

    And have all of Husted’s hard work go to waste?

  • Clairy

    The GOP Ground game with Ohio Auditor Dave Yost –

    Thanks to WHIO in Dayton

    With this kind of pathetic performances by local GOP hacks, Yost et al., do you wonder why Romney is sucking canal water in Ohio?

  • I hope him and Mandel give up on Ohio. They both stink, and I am sick of seeing their ads.

  • It’s what happens when you try to run a race based on a cartoon version of yourself. Romney tried to sell his soul to the Tea Party people like the Koch Bros and he couldn’t pull it off.

  • They will still try to muck things up with the vote because that’s what the GOP does then they can whine that Obama stole the election

  • Dmoore

    Nice angle, Doug.

  • Red Rover

    Saw the ad this morning on Fox19 in Cincinnati. Apparently Mitt is promising to help those 47% folks off welfare by creating 12 million jobs with is nebulous “plan”.

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