In case you read yesterday’s post about Randy Newman and wondered “what kind of person wouldn’t vote for President Obama simply because of the color of his skin”, today we have the answer.

His name is Jason, and he called in to today’s Talk of the Nation on NPR with Neal Conan.

The show centered around Washington College History Professor Richard who recently wrote a piece for the New York Times about President Abraham Lincoln and the Emancipation Proclamation.

In the middle of the show, after hearing lots of interesting information about Lincoln and slavery and the huge political deal the Proclamation was, we were treated with (read: tortured by) Paul’s claim that Abe Lincoln was his “least favorite president” because he “did an awful thing with the Emancipation Proclamation.”

That awful thing?

Freeing “uneducated” slaves.

According to Jason: “all the problems we have now” like “poverty in the inner cities” are related to the fact that black folks were “bred for size and … low intelligence”.

But hey – at least Jason prefaces his comments with “this is going to sound very racist.”

Yes, Jason. You were at least right about that part.

Take a listen here, but be forewarned: this is going to really, really, REALLY make you angry. So if you throw your laptop across the room it’s not our fault…


I listen to this show on a regular basis – and I have never heard Neal Conan become nearly speechless in response to a caller. ¬†And it’s not surprising why.

You wanted to know who wouldn’t vote for Obama simply because of the color of his skin?

Well now you know.

His name is Jason and he lives in Howard City, Michigan.



  • John W.

    There are definitely racists out there and the host was right to call him out on that. There is no place in America for Jason in Howard City’s historically revisionist, factually incorrect, and disgustingly reprehensible comments.

  • Dmoore

    This is the slow drip of the republican racist effort to cast President Obama as the “food stamp president” who, as they erroneously claim, is weakening the work requirement for welfare. It’s a message that plays to the conservative white establishment that refuses to accept the browning of America.

  • ckg1

    Weren’t there any other shows he could have called in to?

    He HAD to go on NPR?


    Typical Tea Party member.

  • Palli

    uneducated like Jason; and “…it should have been a slow process…
    Hey Jason, your comments prove it is still a slow process

  • This is sick! Only the rich bitches would make a statement like this. Mitt Romney is a Mental case. His own wife said she is worried about his Mental Ability!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now what does that say for him? President Obama 2012 <3

  • Hundreds of thousands of years ago the climate in which you lived played a large role in the choice for a mate. In colder climates food storage and planning for winter required advanced techniques and these techniques meant the survival of your children. In warmer climates there was no need for any planning. You can simply pick food off a tree and eat it year round. Therefore mates were chosen more often by strength of body and not intelligence as the trait was not necessary for survival. Evolution is real people. We were all not created equal by an invisible sky wizard.

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