We recently reported that a local Tea Party activist was attempting to intimidate Ohio State University students through voter challenges.  We’re happy to report today that the Franklin County Board of Elections recognized her claims as bullshit (just like we predicted) and they sent her packing.

Today’s meeting of the Franklin County BOE only had one thing on the agenda: the voter challenges sought by Hilliard Tea Party member Carol D. Bicking.

If the challenges were accepted, notices would have been sent to the hundreds of OSU students whose voting status had been challenged and they would have a minimum of three days to show up – possibly with a lawyer – to a hearing.

Thankfully this will not happen.  The Board accepted the staff recommendation that all of the challenged voters stay on the rolls except for two people who were listed as duplicate entries.

One observer in the room told Plunderbund that “Mrs. Bickings was not impressive” and when an OSU student spoke at the hearing “Mrs. Bickings rolled her eyes while the girl was testifying.”

We’re not surprised.  If the Tea Party is known for anything, it’s their classy behavior.

Final word on this case: Voter suppression is downright un-American.  And we’re glad all members of the Franklin County BOE, Democrats and Republicans, agreed that Bicking’s attempts at voter challenges were invalid.