We recently reported that a local Tea Party activist was attempting to intimidate Ohio State University students through voter challenges.  We’re happy to report today that the Franklin County Board of Elections recognized her claims as bullshit (just like we predicted) and they sent her packing.

Today’s meeting of the Franklin County BOE only had one thing on the agenda: the voter challenges sought by Hilliard Tea Party member Carol D. Bicking.

If the challenges were accepted, notices would have been sent to the hundreds of OSU students whose voting status had been challenged and they would have a minimum of three days to show up – possibly with a lawyer – to a hearing.

Thankfully this will not happen.  The Board accepted the staff recommendation that all of the challenged voters stay on the rolls except for two people who were listed as duplicate entries.

One observer in the room told Plunderbund that “Mrs. Bickings was not impressive” and when an OSU student spoke at the hearing “Mrs. Bickings rolled her eyes while the girl was testifying.”

We’re not surprised.  If the Tea Party is known for anything, it’s their classy behavior.

Final word on this case: Voter suppression is downright un-American.  And we’re glad all members of the Franklin County BOE, Democrats and Republicans, agreed that Bicking’s attempts at voter challenges were invalid.

  • jr6020

    Expect more of this nonsense. I am weary of these characters showing up at the early voting site on Morse Road with questionable tactics to intimidate voters- especially the black folks who the churches will bus in to cast ballots..just watch and see…Jim, Columbus

  • Is there anything we can do to unintimidate the voters challenged by tea party activists? I’d be happy to go down there and pass out “what to do if your right to vote is challenged” or something like that.

  • Gary Ruppert

    The fact is, why are we villianifying True USA Heroes who only want a fair vote, these kids are in the tank for Obama since theyve been brainwashed and are not fit to vote if they cant fill out there application right. Defend that, liberals.

  • Just be thankful we don’t make people pass a spelling test to post “there” comments here, Gary. It would be shameful for us to be “villianifying” anyone just because they were too lazy to determine if they are using actual words. Especially True USA Heroes who think it’s acceptable and even honorable to win an election by intimidating an opponent’s voters.

  • Gary Ruppert: I normally don’t post “snarky,” but in your case I’ll make an exception……”Illiterates are in the tank for Romney since they’ve been (easily) brainwashed and are not fit to vote…”

  • Red Rover

    Anyone up to Photoshopping her pic to wipe that smug grin off her face?

  • Bob

    If you witness this taking place, Get a picture. a name, and post it. Let’s return the intimidation.

  • missskeptic

    You know Gary, there are 2 Republicans and 2 Democrats on the Board, it’s not all Democrats.

  • And I thought Tea Partiers were fighting for liberty. (lol)

  • UH, Gary, I hope you do some thinking before you fill out your application since you spelled “their” wrong. Are you illiterate? We want a fair vote also and people like you take that right away. We have our opinions and you have yours so keep yoursto yourself. Thanks to your president in expanding welfare we now have a royal mess. Work on cleaning that up if you must do something.

  • She should be arrested for straight-up voter intimidation.

  • Diane

    They only fight for their liberty. For others…. bah….

  • Bob M

    So only the folks that vote the way you want them to should be able to vote? Just how “American” or “Patriotic” is that? If you are so convinces that your group has the “will of the people” at heart having more people exercise their RIGHT to vote shouldn’t scare you so much.

    This is no “USA hero” at work. This is a political thug with an ax to grind that cannot stand the thought that not everyone sees the world the way she does.

  • Great response

  • Uhhh not that it really matters, but are we sure that this Carol Bicking (Intimidator) is a woman? Something is not right about that picture.

  • Wow! I thought the same thing when I saw her/his picture. Not that it matters, but there is something “amiss” here.

  • DownriverDem

    We ain’t seen nothing yet! Just wait until 11/6.


    “When Fascism comes to America, it will come wrapped in excess body fat, carrying a misspelled sign.”


  • petercow

    Liberty for corporations. Ordinary citizens…not so much.

  • danafr3

    Agreed. Someone in Columbus should file those charges in court!

  • I know this woman!!! She used to be a title searcher and would come into our office (Ross County Treasurer’s Office) at least once a week. I can’t wait to go into work tomorrow and share this story with my co-workers!

  • I say charge her with voter fraud then sentence her to be the personel tackle dummy of John Simon. being that she picked on OSU students

  • She’s a woman? I thought it was former Bengals receiver and current NBC Sunday Night Football color analyst Cris Collinsworth… TEABASTARDS on the run! Gotta love it!


    Hope the redistribution you despise involve stopping Uncle Sam from giving away corporate welfare to the oil companies, and the continuation of endless wars which benefit the Military-Industrial Complex.

    Voter fraud?? Very small and rare.

    Josh Mandel?? He didn’t show up at a debate with his fellow Republicans. Does he believe in peer review??

  • Hunter R

    The Tea Party has only one view, theirs they want to squelch legally/ verbally and literally anyone with a different opinion or view of life. I have a difficult time understanding why a country built of freedom of speech and religion, would allow any one group voice to dictate to others what they should or should not do. Tea Party member you have the right to speech and religions give all of us the same right or are you so bigoted that you proved the saying you have freedom, Free and dom (dumb). If there is anyone who would like to debate me on this issue or any other issue, come on for I am free to express my views which are historically and scientifically based and not on a esoteric construct of “Believe Me”. That is Romney/Ryan and the Tea Parties favorite saying. Ok people this is the 21st century we need proof not just belief that you are telling the truth; prove what you are saying, give me and other’s what you are really thinking and going to do for this country. I am sure that if we really analyze your position, we will find it somewhat backward and truly against most of the people of this country. Here is there construct-“My way or the Highway” ” ok aliens, you must self deport”. Does anyone else think this is narrow minded at best and bigoted to the max. Hunter

  • Do not let them intimidate you – It is your right to vote and they cannot ttake that away. Be sure you have an up-to-date ID and be sure and register before Oct 9th they are closed on the 8th so do it today so your vote will count.

  • Ron

    Gary, if you know something about the constitution then you would also know how to spell it. Or how to spell something.

  • I heard they were going to challenge voters at traditionally-black universities.

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