We can discuss policy until the cows come home, but when it comes to presidential politics, there is no doubt a certain percentage of the population that will never, ever, ever vote for Barack Obama for one very specific reason.

It’s not the health care program Republicans named after him, or the myths about him being a communist or socialist or secret Muslim.

It’s the color of his skin. Plain and simple.

We all tend to avoid discussing this topic because it’s uncomfortable for people on both sides of aisle. No one wants to admit – not Democrats or Republicans – that their fellow citizens are racist bastards.

But it’s still there. Even if we don’t talk about it.

Fortunately for the silent among us, Randy Newman has decided he’s not going to take “the hate” any more.

Earlier this week Mr. Newman put out a song aimed at the Republican Party which, he claims, has “drifted farther to the right than a major party has drifted in my lifetime in any direction.” According to Randy “It seems to have become almost a radical party.”

It’s hard not to agree.

Slate has a revealing interview with Newman. The video is below.

(Note: two Ohio Presidents are mentioned in the song/video!)