A few weeks back we discussed the Obama/ODP lawsuit against Secretary of State Husted and the fact that Husted (through the AG’s office) had hired William S. Consovoy from the firm Wiley Rein LLP to help defend his decision to remove (as per the legislature) early voting on the three days before election day – including the weekend before, which is highly favored by African American voters.

Consovoy, you may remember, is also defending Florida’s plan to reduce voting hours preferred by African American voters.  And he recently pushed an unsuccessful constitutional challenge in the South against the Voting Rights Act, landmark legislation which outlawed discriminatory voting practices.

According to documents obtained by Plunderbund from the Ohio Attorney General’s Office,  Wiley Rein was approved as “Special Counsel to Ohio Secretary of State in the matter of Obama for America v. Husted and DeWine” on August 13, 2012 for “a flat fee of $45,000.”

The law firm Bricker & Eckler was also approved as Special Counsel for the same case at $200 and hour – with a total budget of $20,000.

This month Bricker & Eckler was hired again to act as Special Counsel, with an additional $20K budget, to defend Jon Husted against claims (Lieberman v. Husted) by the Democratic elections officials in Montgomery County who were fired by SOS Husted for trying to establish early voting hours.

Based on responses from the Attorney General’s Office, it appears no external counsel was hired to handle the provisional ballot case.

Total cost so far for Husted’s early voting-related lawsuits: $85,000.



  • annekarima53

    All this just to keep African Americans from voting? The South said it would rise again.

  • Leonidas

    Significantly, the “flat fee” amount of $45,000 is less than the $50,000 limit that would have required approval by the Controlling Board. (If my memory of this complicated law is correct.) By agreeing to this amount, DeWine and Husted apparently were seeking to avoid any oublic scrutiny of this arrangement.

  • Ugh. And Consovoy also represented Verizon fighting against Net Neutrality.

  • I saw on Fox News today an advertisement for mail-in voting by Secretary of State Husted. I only go to Fox to see what bullsh*t they are spewing, so don’t watch it often. I’ve never see the ad on any other network. If Husted is spending tax player funds to advertise the convenient mail-in voting just on a Republican network, that would be a gross misuse of
    public funds.

    The Republicans will stop at nothing. Rigging elections is so un-American. This is not Russia or a banana republic, where the party in power can suppress a fair vote to prevent the opposition from gaining ground. It’s disgusting, a blatant stomping on American values, and an affront to all Americans.

  • Big Brent

    Check out this link . . .

    Mary Johnson, Republican Michigan Secretary of State is being called into federal court . . . apparently she is taking a righteous stand against the epidemic of illegal aliens voting in American elections . ..

    Voter suppression . . . it’s what Republicans do.

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