From the daily archives: Thursday, September 20, 2012

A few weeks back we discussed the Obama/ODP lawsuit against Secretary of State Husted and the fact that Husted (through the AG’s office) had hired William S. Consovoy from the firm Wiley Rein LLP to help defend his decision to remove (as per the legislature) early voting on the three days before election day – including the weekend before, which is highly favored by African American voters.

Consovoy, you may remember, is also defending Florida’s plan to reduce voting hours preferred by African American voters.  And he recently pushed an unsuccessful constitutional challenge in the South against the Voting Rights Act, landmark legislation which outlawed […]

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Nate Silver at the New York Times‘ FiveThirtyEight blog recently reviewed the outlook of the nation’s Senate race given the current public opinion polling.  One of the thing Nate’s site does is weigh the polls and calculate the likelihood each candidate has of winning the race.

What does Nate say of Josh Mandel’s “surge” in the polls?

Another group of states, however, are more clearly disappointing for Republicans. Foremost among these are Ohio and Florida, where the polls have shifted sharply toward the Democratic incumbents, Sherrod Brown and Bill Nelson, in recent weeks.

In fact, Nate’s most recent […]

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There’s a difference between tactics and strategy.   A huge difference.  And in war and politics, many a side has fallen simply because leadership failed to understand the distinction.

The Obama campaign has been running a strategic campaign.  One that gives voters a choice.  One that frames this election not as a referendum on the economy, but instead on who would be better for the economy, who would make the future better, who would move America “Forward.”

The Romney campaign, on the other hand, has been running largely a tactical campaign.  Moving from one tactical move to another with no real strategy to […]

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