The latest edition of our White Guy v. White Guy series focuses on the reaction to Mitt Romney’s famous 47% statement.

White Guy v. White Guy is designed to highlight policy differences between Romney and other Ohio Republicans.

BudgetWatcher has a nice post on conservative reaction to Romney statement that 47% of the population of the United States believes that they are victims who can never be convinced to “take personal responsibility and care for their lives”

So what does the Ohio Republican Party think of this?

The silence is deafening.

The silence speaks volumes about the political impact of this in Ohio.  Republican Representative Steven LaTourette told the Huffington Post that the comments “don’t help in swing districts like mine. . .   People were ready to throw Obama over, like dumping a boyfriend, and were ready to be courted by a new boyfriend.  But now they’re having second thoughts.”

The Dispatch asked Gov. John Kasich.  Kasich denied that he had seen the video – which probably makes him the only person in the United States who can say that by now.  But Kasich seemed to suggest that he did not support Romney’s policy by noting that he voted for the Earned Income Tax Credit, which the paper notes “now how much of the 47 percent Romney referred to doesn’t pay federal income taxes.”

(Insider aside to journalists:  notice how the Dispatch buries the lede?   The Kasich response is found hidden within a piece on a Democratic fundraising email – so perhaps Kasich will say something more interesting this soon.)

Josh Mandel has said nothing we can find.  One source, Business Insider, says that they have reached out to Mandel for comment but have not yet heard back.   The Hill had this interesting White Guy v. White Guy tidbit:  “One Republican strategist who works on Senate races, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said Ohio GOP candidate Josh Mandel has appeared to distance himself from Romney while trying to connect with blue-collar voters.”

(Insider aside to everyone:  figuring out Mandel’s position on breaking issues is almost impossible.  His webpage on Obamacare STILL is not updated since the Supreme Court decision upholding the law.  And Google STILL can’t find any reaction from Mandel about the attack on our embassy in Libya.)

John Boehner apparently wouldn’t go on record, but sent out a spokesman to say essentially nothing:  “There is no doubt that Republicans and Democrats have differing views on the role of government . . .” said the spokesman for Boehner’s political operation.

Remember when these guys had message discipline?  Once again we seem have Republicans on both sides of the issue.  Please let us know if you find any other Ohio Republicans who disagree (or agree) with Romney.

  • missskeptic

    Peggy Noonan, a former advisor to Reagan, stated in an op-ed piece yesterday that Romney has seven weeks until the election. This is what the Republicans believe – that the races will be decided in 7 weeks. This is a fatal flaw of logic. The race BEGINS this Sat., when ALL servicepeople and overseas voters will be able to vote for their candidates. In Ohio, voting for others begins Oct. 2, and it will be busy right from the start. In Delaware Co., we have received, in one week, over 12,000 absentee applications. These are, for the most part, people who have made up their minds and wish to begin voting right away. Maybe 1/2 of voters will actually vote on election day. This current scandal of Romney’s, which especially affects servicepeople – who pay no fed. income tax while serving in combat – will negatively affect his image abroad.

  • Romney and Company smirk …and smile …and say to us:

    TO HELL with all those “moochers” and “free-loaders”

    receiving Medicare, or Veterans Benefits, or Pell Grants,

    or Social Security, or Unemployment, or Medicaid, or Food Stamps, or on Disability,

    Romney says TO HELL with all of us that are struggling to stay afloat,

    to those in the Middle-class, and to those hoping to get there.

    Romney says TO HELL with the hungry, the homeless, the helpless,

    and the hopeless, ….to all the biblical “least of these”.

    Romney says TO HELL with the “47% of America” — the “losers”

    that Romney so easily dismisses and disrespects as “dependents”.

    Romney wines… INCREDIBLY …that we’re shamelessly sponging off of him,

    and off of all of his poor-poor-poor super-rich friends

    …..all those super-rich folks who want to BUY this ELECTION,

    …..all those super-rich folks who want to BUY this COUNTRY.

    Trickle-down economics? Hey, sure , let them eat cake. It’s all the same. Always has been.

    It’s crumbs for us, and Cadillacs and car elevators, and loopholes & lower taxes for them.

    That is, if they, and the bailed-out banks, and the big corporations pay ANY taxes at all….

    If THEY get a break- they deserve it. But If YOU get a break, it’s a handout. BULL!

    Tell me – who are the REAL “takers”, who are the REAL creators,

    who are the TRUE workers and builders?

    Wo are the REAL “victims” here?

    Who gave their LIVES and limbs …in unpaid and un-needed wars?

    Whose sweat, …..on whose brows, has BUILT this great country?

    Was it the Romney’s of this world …or us?

    But we still have a voice. It’s called our VOTE.

    Loud and Clear — Just say NO.

    Say NO to Romney & Company …and what they stand for.

    This is STILL our country. Our children’s country.

    And we mean to KEEP it that way. Period.

  • Dmoore

    Women will decide this election based mainly on womens’ rights issues. Mitt the rich frat boy just gave them one more reason to vote against him.

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