From the daily archives: Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The issues leading to the strike by Chicago Teachers last week have prompted a great deal of discussion in education circles about President Obama’s education policies.  Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is a product of the Obama administration, and his push for increased use of test scores in the process of teacher evaluations can be connected back to some of the President’s policy decisions.  Additionally, the largest teachers union in America, the National Education Association (NEA), has been repeatedly critical of the President’s Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, for his support of additional standardized testing of students among other decisions that […]

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We’ve all seen the response from progressives and pundits to Mitt Romney’s comment that 47 percent of the electorate are victims who want handouts, don’t pay their fair share in taxes, and who won’t take responsibility for their lives. But what are the conservatives saying?

We thought we’d take a look.

As it turns out, very, very few conservatives that we can tell are defending Romney.

Here’s one surrogate’s attempt, explaining the comments as aimed at business people:

During an appearance on MSNBC, Ehrlich explained that the inarticulate comments as remarks “to a bunch of business people […]

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