A second “non-partisan” member of the Ohio Board of Education has committed to helping Mitt Romney in his bid to get elected.  Yesterday we wrote about State Board president Debe Terhar and her role as a co-chair on the Educators for Romney coalition.  Now, Stanley Jackson, the former Ohio State University Football Captain & Quarterback that John Kasich appointed to the Board of Education earlier this year, is on the Advisory Council of the Romney campaign’s Black Leadership Council.

It is certainly disturbing that two members of a State Board that is supposed to be free of partisan politics have thrown their full support behind the conservative candidate whose platform on education amounts to the de-funding and dismantling of the American public education system.  We discussed this platform in more detail in yesterday’s post and urge you to give it a second look as you can now apply all of Romney’s stated goals to the goals of Board Member Stanley Jackson, former Ohio State University Football Captain & Quarterback.

But what we find most curious about the inclusion of Stanley Jackson, former Ohio State University Football Captain & Quarterback, on Romney’s Black Leadership Council is his title (or more accurately, his lack of title).

  • He is not listed as the founder of Masters Preparatory Academy Charter School a single gender school for African American males.
  • He is not listed as the founder of Integrated American Media (IAM) television network which provides Christian conservative viewpoints for minority communities.
  • He is not listed as a member of the Ohio Board of Education.

Any of those three titles that could be attributed to Jackson, former Ohio State University Football Captain & Quarterback, would have been perfect for the Romney campaign to ascribe to a member of his Black Advisory Council.  What campaign wouldn’t organize a council with the stated purpose of “[helping] facilitate dialogue between Mitt Romney and respected leaders who provide unique expertise, experience and knowledge on a range of issues impacting black American communities” and appoint a conservative black male from the swing state of Ohio with credentials like those listed above?

Well, we apparently know of at least one.  Instead of promoting the credential’s of Jackson’s that display his intellect, work ethic, and desire to serve the black community, the Romney campaign instead chose to play on the American stereotype of the black male gaining success only through athletics.

And so the Romney campaign’s Black Advisory Council instead offers us:

Stanley Jackson, former Ohio State University Football Captain & Quarterback



  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Carrie-Preston/100000765994211 Carrie Preston

    More the reason we cannot let 1 term gov. Kasick take a second term (I think he is going to try for) and to vote Democrat for every open position in Ohio. We have to have these people ousted just the same way Kasick ousted those who where doing a better and fair job.

  • tesmith47

    this foot ball guy is another black political whore who hopes to get a reward.

  • tesmith47

    the reason his credentials were not noted is because this football guy knows he will loose business if the general black community finds out that he is supporting mittens
    he may be crazy but he is no fool (unlike mittens who is both)

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