From the daily archives: Friday, September 14, 2012

Today, the Global Commission on Elections, Democracy and Security released a report titled “Deepening Democracy: A Strategy for Improving the Integrity of Elections Worldwide”. The report is not particularly glowing with regards to the status of American democracy, specifically pointing out recent efforts to suppress African American voting (page 30) and problems with political finance (page 34) – two of the five stated challenges to the integrity of elections.

You can read the report here.

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A second “non-partisan” member of the Ohio Board of Education has committed to helping Mitt Romney in his bid to get elected.  Yesterday we wrote about State Board president Debe Terhar and her role as a co-chair on the Educators for Romney coalition.  Now, Stanley Jackson, the former Ohio State University Football Captain & Quarterback that John Kasich appointed to the Board of Education earlier this year, is on the Advisory Council of the Romney campaign’s Black Leadership Council.

It is certainly disturbing that two members of a State Board that is supposed to be […]

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Another day, another bad poll result for Mitt Romney.

Today’s edition is the new NBC-Marist poll. The group surveyed 979 likely Ohio voters by phone from September 9-11. A poll of likely voters is typically more predictive and reliable than those merely targeting registered voters, many of whom do not turn out in November.

The results are devastating for Romney. Obama leads among likely voters 50-43.

But, more importantly, the results show that voters don’t have the same warm and fuzzy feelings for the Republican candidate. Only 40 percent of voters have a favorable […]

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