Mitt Romney has jumped with both feet into a foreign policy fight with Barack Obama. A fight waged with false attacks, by the way, but hey, he’s not going to let his campaign be dictated by fact-checkers.

The most recent FoxNews poll shows that not only does Obama beat Romney, handily, on the question of who voters trust to handle foreign policy, Obama is leading by 22 points among independents on the question of foreign policy:

Voters don’t trust Mitt Romney on foreign policy, so why go there?

My theory is that this isn’t really about foreign policy at all. It’s another opportunity for Mitt Romney to falsely accuse Barack Obama of “apologizing” for America. Because there are a lot of members of the base of his party who don’t think Obama is really an American anyway, so may as well cravenly suggest our secret Muslim President is emboldening the enemy by sending them a sympathy bouquet when we’ve hurt their feelings on Twitter.

Here’s the thing. Yes, there are plenty of birthers out there, but they were in the Romney camp already. How does putting foreign policy front and center play among undecided voters? National polling would suggest it’s a risky, if not¬†fool-hearty¬†gambit.

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