In an election year when some Republican candidates  are telling us that what we don’t know won’t hurt us, we can safely put Josh Mandel at the top of the list with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.   From Mandel we have learned this much in his challenge to U.S.Sen Sherrod Brown:

He served in Iraq;  he has managed to raise a fortune in campaign money from right-wing Brown-hating superPACs; he served in Iraq;  he is eager to rescue an ailing America from the death grip of liberals; he served in Iraq; he didn’t say the senator  was unAmerican when he said the senator was unAmerican; he served in Iraq; he knocked on 19,679 doors when he ran for the Ohio legislature; he served in Iraq; he has dutifully served  as Ohio Treasurer even as he spent much of his brief time in the office traveling widely to raise campaign cash; he served in Iraq.

I can only add that he will be 35 later this month, has already held three political offices and is out to gain No. 4 in November.

His reticence in sharing  his specific thoughts about national issues was exposed in a recent interview with the Plain Dealer.  Asked about his reputation of “ducking quections,” the Whiz Kid responded that such references to him were “hogwash””.  He then went on to explain:

“I think there’s some issues that I’d like to wait until I’m a senator and deal with them in a bipartisan way.”

Oh, C’mon,  Josh.  Maybe just a little hint?

But I have some good news that will add a few a few more details about Josh.

On Sept. 6, Lisa De Pasquale,  former director of the ConservativePoliticalAction Conference (CPAC), posted an interview with Josh on her website in which she sought to define the real Josh Mandel.

        What  was his favorite movie? she asked

“Full Metal Jacket.There was something special about those Marines who served in Vietnam.  etc. etc. etc.”

        What was his favorite movie quote?

He especially likes “inspirational” ones, like a scene in Rudy in which George Gipp says to Knute Rockne  “…when the team is up against it, when things are wrong and the breaks are beating the boys, ask them to go in there with all they’ve got   and win just one for the Gipper.”

        The best present he received as a child?

From his uncle, a Star Wars lightsaber. “With him speeding down the freeway I’d wave the lightsaber in the air Luke Skywalker   style.

        What books are on his summer reading list?

“I would like to read Sen. Jim DeMint’s book titled “Saving Freedom”… (A style point with the Tea Party!)

        And what advice did he get from mom and dad? And did he take it?

“Yes, I’ve taken as much  of their good advice as I had the good sense to do.  One piece of good advice they told was as a kid  was to always take the high road, because there is less traffic up there.”

Well, Josh. There’s still several weeks before the election to take that road and we’re willing to risk the high altitude!

(P.S.:  In her fawning introduction of Mandel, De Pasquale asserted:  “November can’t come soon enough.”  On that much, I can agree.)