From the daily archives: Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Remember the old Spy v. Spy cartoons?

Plunderbund is proud to announce a new feature.  White Guy v. White Guy.  White Guy v. White Guy will feature instances when Mitt Romney and leading Ohio Republicans disagree on the most important issues of the day.  They can’t all be right at the same time, can they?

Last week, we noted that while Mitt Romney says he now wants to retain parts of Obamacare, Josh Mandel, the Ohio Republican seeking the U.S. Senate seat, is pushing for a full repeal.   And House Republicans led by Speaker John Boehner have voted for […]

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Governor John Kasich has been criticized many times for his anti-women decisions and statements.  Today we can add another doozy to the list.

Last year Kasich defended his very low number of female cabinet appointments by talking about his family life, claiming he makes all the big decisions in his family and his “wife makes all the minor decisions”.

We later revealed that Kasich pays his male staffers 56% more than his female staffers and, more recently,  only one of the nine members appointed by Kasich to the board of JobsOhio—the private corporation responsible for awarding incentives to Ohio […]

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In an election year when some Republican candidates  are telling us that what we don’t know won’t hurt us, we can safely put Josh Mandel at the top of the list with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.   From Mandel we have learned this much in his challenge to U.S.Sen Sherrod Brown:

He served in Iraq;  he has managed to raise a fortune in campaign money from right-wing Brown-hating superPACs; he served in Iraq;  he is eager to rescue an ailing America from the death grip of liberals; he served in Iraq; he didn’t say the senator  was unAmerican when […]

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Read any story on the Brown-Mandel Senate race in Ohio lately, and you’ll inevitably see some commentary from Mandel himself or his campaign talking about how he’s gone from 13 points down to tying the race.

And if you looked at the trendlines recently (well, before the DNC Convention at least) on Talking Points Memo or Real Clear Politics, you’d think that Mandel might of had a point.

But like everything else Mandel has said in the campaign, his claim of coming back from a 13-point deficit to a tie is a lie. Period.

Let’s start with some basics about […]

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With the recent reports of private sector job growth coming in under previous estimates at only 96,000 jobs created, we’re hearing lots of handwringing on both sides about the implications of those numbers and the drop in unemployment from 8.3% to 8.1% (mostly due to those dropping out of the labor force).

The 24-hour news cycle and constant newsy soundbites makes it easy to lose perspective on things like the economy.  I think Reagan was mostly right when he asked the question in 1980.  It’s an important one to ask in framing an election and we all will […]

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Plunderbund Gets a Maddow Shout Out!

On September 12, 2012 By

It’s not like this hasn’t happened before, but we still get excited when it does.  Rachel Maddow mentioned the blog in a September 10 segment on Republican voting suppression:


At Plunderbund HQ, this is known as a “Maddow Bump”:

Thanks Rachel for recognizing our work and giving us credit for it!  We know many other outlets who use the site as show prep without citing so we appreciate it when we get our due.

Thanks also to our loyal readers who continue to give us tips and help spread the word!  We know some readers […]

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