Last month we wrote about the lawsuit filed over the biased ballot language written for the Voters First redistricting proposal (now Issue 2).  Despite not accurately representing the proposal, the language was approved on a party-line vote by the Ohio Ballot Board which, not surprisingly, is chaired by Secretary of State Jon Husted.

The language fails to mention some of the basic components of the Voters First proposal like the requirement that an independent panel of citizens draw competitive districts that reflect Ohio’s political balance.

Today we learned just how important this language can be.

Last Public Policy Polling asked Ohioans about Voters First with this reasonably phrased question:

The Ohio Citizens Independent Redistricting Commission Amendment would create an Ohio  Citizens Independent Redistricting Commission to establish the boundaries for Ohio’s state  legislative and congressional districts every 10  years. If the election was today would you vote  for or against this amendment?

37% of respondents said they would vote for this proposal.  24% answered Against and 39% were Undecided.

This month they asked a similar question, but they used the very biased ballot language written by the Republican-controlled ballot board to describe the initiative:

Issue 2 would remove the authority of elected representatives and grant new authority to appointed officials to establish congressional and state legislative district lines. It would create a state-funded commission of appointed individuals from a limited pool of applicants to replace the aforementioned. The commission would consist of 12 members as follows: four affiliated with the largest political party, four affiliated with the second largest political party, and four not affiliated with either of the two largest political parties. Affirmative votes of 7 of 12 members are needed to select a plan. If the election was today, would you vote for or against Issue 2?

As a result, only 33% were for it and 38% of respondents were Against the proposal! ( 29% were still not sure)

That’s a 14 point jump in “Against” respondents in a month.  PPP fully admits “Voters are confused about Issue 2” and the culprit is clear: the poorly written ballot language crafted by Republicans trying to maintain their stranglehold on power.

  • Its not truthful because elected officials would be weeding the commission down to 12 folks

  • APG

    Yes — citizens already have the power to speak through their representatives, who have been drawn into preposterously gerrymandered districts and stand absolutely no chance of losing their seats no matter how stupid their decisions might be.

  • SCOO provides hope!

  • Darrell Davis

    I am a staunch conservative and I am appalled and ashamed at the Republican party efforts to squash, silence and control the vote all across this country. Instead of adopting 21st century common sense conservative values to appeal to the party masses, they consistently cater to the far right wing lunatic fringe and then try to ram their 13th century agenda down our throats. As much as I detest our country’s shift to the left with abortion on demand and an aggressive gay rights agenda, the American vote is sacred and anyone who attempts to tamper with it is unpatriotic and an enemy of the people. This Black conservative thinks the Ohio Black Republican on this page is a fool. NOW, once we pass issue 2, let’s move on down the road and end the cronyism on Columbus city council. If Democrats are serious about this, let them pass city council reform and end the stranglehold Ginther and the Democrats have placed on that city with their system of inter-council campaign contributions and back-room appointments to fill vacant seats.

  • Fred

    Who will be these 12 people?
    If this goes through, they won’t be people I get to vote on. Certainly they will be political cronies getting these cushy patronage jobs.

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