We’ll be doing some more detailed polling analysis this evening, but I thought it was worth pointing out one interesting question, and result, from yesterday’s PPP poll in Ohio.

Public Policy Polling asked respondents: “Who is more responsible for killing of Osama bin Laden?”  The options were Mitt Romney, Barack Obama or “unsure”.

15% of Republicans answered Mitt Romney.

47% said they were unsure.  And only 38% admitted it was Obama.

Seriously.  62% of Ohio’s Republicans refuse to admit the President was more responsible for a military action that occurred on his watch than his non-President, former Governor opponent.

Should we be surprised?

Probably not.

The pollsters added this question intentionally.  “The reason for the Osama bin Laden question,” said PPP in a Tweet yesterday evening, “was to see if Republican voters would give credit to Obama for anything.  Evidently answer is no.”

It’s unclear if these people honestly think Mitt Romney killed Osama Bin Laden – or if they are just being dicks about the whole thing.  But there certainly is a percentage of the population that will believe almost anything.  17% of conservatives, for example, think President Obama is a Muslim.  Up 5% since 2008 when the President took office.

And some polls show that 34% of Republicans still think the President was not born in the U.S.

Say what you want about Ohio’s conservatives.   But don’t EVER accuse them of not having one hell of an imagination!