Secretary of State Jon Husted is appealing the decision by a federal judge that would force him to allow early voting the three days before the election – days that have been shown to be preferred by Democratic, and especially African American voters.  While awaiting the appeal, Husted has asked the judge to stay his decision.  And who has Mr. Husted chosen to represent him for this task?  An out-of-state lawyer with experience in restricting voter access.

Husted’s latest legal response was submitted by William S. Consovoy from the firm Wiley Rein LLP, who is acting as Special Counsel for the Ohio Secretary of State.

If you’ve been following recent voting rights cases, the name should sound familiar.

Consovoy is the same attorney defending the State of Florida on its efforts to similarly reduce voting hours preferred by African American voters.

Even more disturbing, Consovoy recently pushed an unsuccessful constitutional challenge in the South against the Voting Rights Act, the landmark legislation which outlawed discriminatory voting practices.

It was bad enough when Doug Preisse, a prominent Ohio Republican, admitted that Republicans “shouldn’t contort the voting process to accommodate the urban — read African-American — voter-turnout machine.”

But now it looks like SOS Husted – the man responsible for providing for free and fair elections in Ohio – is taking every step possible to contort the voting process to EXCLUDE African-American voters – going so far as to hire a lawyer with experience doing exactly that.





  • westparkguy

    So why is Husted doing this?

    This mess is going to haunt him when he tries to run for Governor one day. I’m sure he backed down from his little directive he issued the other day because it would kind of embarrassing to get tossed in jail by a Federal judge.

  • osuaxid84

    He is a jerk! Doesn’t he realize how bad this makes him look? it def. looks like he is trying to cheat!

  • This is such a black mark on the United States. We help other struggling countries make sure that their voting is not corrupt and that all who want to vote can. Yet A large political group is doing just that keeping those who want to vote from the ability to vote. I am ashamed and embarrassed by these people. They don’t care if they have to cheat to win. That is what they are doing. Cheating. I teach my children much better than that. I am ashamed very ashamed. I shake my head and I say there is NOTHING THAT IMPORTANT THAT YOU HAVE TO CHEAT TO WIN NOTHING!!!!. Christians I doubt it. The christian thing is not to cheat to win. So you religious radicals who agree with this tactic are not so religious. They are the false prophets that we are all warned about. If this suppression succeeds, It will not only be a black mark on the US, it will be a very black day and I will morn what used to be a great country.

  • oldmomma

    Excellent post Carrie….American soldiers have died to allow citizens of foreign countries to live in a democracy….never thought the elimination of democracy would occur in the US….nice touch on the “false prophets” reference….apparently honesty and integrity aren’t part of those religious values they keep spewing….

  • fedupwithrep

    Are the Ohio taxpayers paying for this?

  • While searching for the deadline for registering to vote, I found it ironic that the State of Ohio’s site has written at the top of the page “My Vote, My Right, My Responsibility” but nowhere includes the October 9 deadline. I understand that Republicans across the nation are working to suppress the vote, but this was a bit too obvious. It seems to me that Ohio’s office of the Secretary of State should promote democracy rather than discourage involvement in government “for the People, by the People.”

  • SAL

    That was exactly my question … thanks for beating me to it.
    How can we find out?

  • If I was the judge I’d do it. The letters Husted is writing are clearly full of lies trying to justify his illegal actions.

    He belong in jail.

  • Yes you are paying for it he is not going to but if he is successful with suppressing the vote he will be paid by the gop and the people will suffer

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