You forget just how good this guy is until you see it again.  Bill Clinton is one of the best political orators of our time.  He has a natural ability to connect with a large audience by making everyone in the audience think he is just talking to them.  His style is very conversational and that’s why he connects so well.  It’s amazing to watch even if you aren’t a Democrat.

His speech last night at the DNC was a watershed moment in the election.  Clinton brought his best stuff and I agree with a friend of the blog on Facebook: “If I were part of team Chicago this morning, I’d make damn sure Clinton has a full schedule in key parts of OH, FL, IA, and MI over the next 8 weeks. Do that, put this thing to bed, and go home.”

  • If I was Biden, I would tell Bill “I’m stepping aside so you can be VP, Obama NEEDS you on his team!” Heck, I wish Bill was running again!! He could UNITE this country and drive the Teabaggers out of OUR house!!

  • pb_dirtgirl
  • nice!

  • Marlowe53

    Bill was fabulous but both he and Obama signaled support for the Simpson-Bowles Catfood Commission in their speeches. The plan that commission spit out was a Republican plan so why are our two most powerful Democrats promoting it?

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