From the daily archives: Wednesday, September 5, 2012

In the Spring, Governor Kasich appeared before the State Board of Education and literally begged them to approve the education package known as the “Cleveland Plan” for its focus on implementing major changes to state law to provide exemptions to the Cleveland School system.

The State Board politely ignored him.

Instead, the legislation made its way through the Ohio House and Senate over a period of weeks, ultimately passing without any additional funding as the General Assembly rushed to head off for Summer Break.

But the funding wouldn’t matter with such a comprehensive, airtight plan that had been […]

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An interesting piece by Matt Bai in the New York Times today about John Kasich thinking he’s been sent to Ohio by God – or Gandalf – to save the state and bring glory to the emporer…or some such delusions of grandeur:

The way John Kasich sees it, he is fulfilling a grand design, a mission for which he was chosen by God, to save Ohio. “It’s like what what’s-his-name told the hobbit,” Ohio’s Republican governor told me as we flew on the plane that ferries him around the state. “What’s that guy’s name? Gandel? Gandorf?” A pair of young […]

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