Unless you’re a beer guy (like several of us at Plunderbund), this might have slipped under your radar. Not long ago, President Obama mentioned that they were making beer in the White House, and that generated a lot of interest from the homebrewing community (of which, at least two of us here at Plunderbund are – or have been – a part of). Over the weekend, the White House released recipes for two of their homebrewed beer, both made with honey from the White House bees. They even included a short video showing the process.

This is a process called “extract brewing”, where the process of converting the grains into fermentable sugars is done for you, and provided as either liquid (as seen in the video) or dry malt extracts. All you have to do is boil and add hops, and let it ferment. It’s very easy, and a good way to try your hand at brewing, if you are interested.

Update: Northern Brewer has announced the availability of kits for the two beer recipes given. Perfect way to get started.